Wednesday, May 4, 2016

This Is Getting Pathetic

Maybe the Yankees are just bad. Or maybe Joe Girardi is an idiot. Or maybe Brian Cashman has failed to properly replace the old and/or oft-injured.

Or maybe Yogi Berra really was the good luck charm all along.

Last night, the Yankees made it 8-15, including 6 straight losses. Luis Severino didn't pitch badly, but, again, the attack was insufficient. They were 1-for-7 with men in scoring position, 8 men left on base.

Orioles 4, Yankees 1. WP: Chris Tillman (3-1). SV: Darren O'Day (2). LP: Severino (0-4).

Look at these OPSes: Starlin Castro, .815; Brian McCann, .798; and then, a dropoff to Brett Gardner, .734; Alex Rodriguez, .719; Carlos Beltran, .715; Mark Teixeira, .680; Jacoby Ellsbury, .659; Didi Gregorius, .583; Chase Headley, .400. That's not an on-base percentage or a slugging percentage: That's OBP and SLG combined, .400.

This is getting pathetic. And it gets worse (or does it?), as a strained hamstring puts A-Rod on the Disabled List.

Something has to be done. Say what you want about the pre-1990 George Steinbrenner, but he would have done something about it by now.

The series continues tonight. CC Sabathia starts against Tyler Wilson.

And the Yankees better get some runs.


Days until the next Yankees-Red Sox series of the season: 2, this Friday night, at Yankee Stadium II.

Days until the New York Red Bulls play again: 2, this Friday night at 7:00, away to Orlando City.

Days until The Arsenal play again: 4, this Sunday, 11:00 AM our time, away to Manchester City, in a game that may be crucial to both teams' European hopes for next season.

Days until the Red Bulls play a "derby": 9, a week from next Friday night, May 13, against D.C. United (a.k.a. The DC Scum), at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium in Washington. They next play New York City F.C. (a.k.a. Man City NYC and The Homeless) on Saturday afternoon, May 21, at Yankee Stadium II. They next play the Philadelphia Union on Sunday night, July 17, at Talen Energy Stadium (formerly PPL Park) in Chester, Pennsylvania. And the next game against the New England Revolution is on Sunday night, August 28, at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey.

Days until the 2016 Copa America kicks off in the U.S.: 
30, on Friday, June 3. Just 1 month.

Days until Euro 2016 kicks off in France: 37, on Friday, June 10. Just 5 weeks.

Days until Arsenal play as the opponents in the 2016 Major League Soccer All-Star Game: 85
, on Thursday night, July 28, at Avaya Stadium in San Jose, California, home of the San Jose Earthquakes. Just 12 weeks. Three days later, Arsenal will play C.D. Guadalajara, a.k.a. Chivas, one of the biggest clubs in Mexico, at the StubHub Center, home of the Los Angeles Galaxy, in Carson, California. This will be just 2 years after The Arsenal came to America to play the Red Bulls in New Jersey. I went to that one. I don't think I'll be going to either of these: Even if I could get a game ticket, paying for a plane ticket would be difficult.

Days until the 2016 Olympics begin in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 93
, on Friday, August 5. Just 3 months.

Days until the next North London Derby: Unknown, but at least 108. The 2016-17 Premier League season is likely to open on Saturday, August 20, but it's unlikely that Arsenal will play Tottenham (a.k.a. The Scum) in the opener.
Days until Rutgers University plays football again: 
122, on Saturday, September 3, away to the University of Washington, in Seattle. Just 4 months.

Days until East Brunswick High School plays football again: 128, on Friday, September 9, probably away, since, while the 2016 schedule hasn't been released yet, the Big Green opened last season at home.

Days until the New Jersey Devils play another local rival: Unknown, but at least 
156. The schedule for the 2016-17 season has been announced as being released on June 22. The new season is likely to being on the 1st Friday in October, which would be October 7. But they're not likely to play either the New York Rangers (a.k.a. The Scum), the New York Islanders or the Philadelphia Flyers (a.k.a. The Philth) in the opener.

Days until the next East Brunswick-Old Bridge Thanksgiving game: 194
, on Thursday morning, November 24, at the purple shit pit on Route 9. Under 7 months.

Days until Alex Rodriguez' alleged retirement becomes official: 
545, as his contract runs out on October 31, 2017. Or at the conclusion of the 2017 World Series, if the Yankees make it. Whichever comes last. A little over 18 months.

Days until the 2018 World Cup kicks off in Russia: 
771, on June 14, 2018. Under 26 months. Of course, at the rate manager Jurgen Klinsmann is going, the U.S. team might not even qualify.

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