Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Each MLB Team's Most Recent Anniversary Patches

For some weird reason, the White Sox
had a patch for their 95th Anniversary,
but for their 100th, wore only the
American League Centennial patch.

The American League had patches for their 50th
and 100th Anniversaries, but not for their 75th.

Because 2016 was the last season for Turner Field,
and the Braves had a patch for that,
they didn't have a 50th Anniversary patch.

The Reds used this one in 2000, to honor their 1975 and 1990 World Series wins.
But they didn't use patches for their 50th, 75th or 100th Anniversaries,
especially since it's hard to agree on whether their "birth" was 
in 1869 (the 1st professional team, which these Reds are not),
1882 (their American Association debut) or 1892
(their entry into the National League).

The Indians didn't use patches for their 50th (1951), 75th (1976)
or 100th Anniversaries (2001). They weren't consistent, either:
 They didn't use a new patch for the 20th Anniversary
of what's now named Progressive Field (2014).

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