Friday, May 6, 2011

And Now We Have to Go to Texas

The Yankees dropped the last 3 of their 4-game series in Detroit against the Tigers. Yesterday's loss was 6-3.

People have been wondering if Derek Jeter's lack of hitting is the problem, even though he's now within 50 hits of 3,000. Well, he sat this game out, and it was his backup, Eduardo Nunez, who made 2 throwing errors, costing the Yankees 3 runs and A.J. Burnett (4-2) a shot at the win. Rick Porcello (2-2) got the win for the Tigers. (There was no save.)

To make matters worse, Eric Chavez, giving Alex Rodriguez a day off, broke a toe and had to go on the Disabled List. A-Rod had to play anyway, and, to his credit, went 2-for-2. But this means Ramiro Pena was called up. Good glove man at any position, but as for hit bat, uh, well, at this point, he could be a better hitter than Jorge Posada (.154).

The loss also means the Yankees are now just 1 game ahead of the Tampa Bay Strays in the AL East, albeit 2 in the AILC (All-Important Loss Column).

And now... The Yankees get to go to Texas to face the Rangers. Oh. Joy.

I hate Texas. I really, really hate Dallas. The only things in Texas that I like are barbecue, the University of Texas, and the late, great newspaper columnist Molly Ivins. And most Texans hate the last 2 for their liberalism (which is a big reason why I like them).

Ivan Nova starts against Matt Harrison, 8:05 Eastern Time.

We need to teach these rednecks a lesson. And by the way, Nolan Ryan was the most overrated pitcher of all time!

And the good guys won at the Alamo. No joke: Slavery was already illegal in Mexico in 1836, while the guys defending the Alamo were slaveholders. Roll THAT in your joint and smoke it, John Wayne!

Jeter 2953 47
Rivera 570 31
A-Rod 618 145
Magic Number 131 (to eliminate Rays, 129 for O's, 128 for Scum & Jays)

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