Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fire Joe Girardi. Tonight. He Can't Manage a Pitching Staff.

Joe Girardi must be fired. Tonight.

He doesn't know how to manage a pitching staff. He lets his damned binder tell him how to manage.

Tonight, the Yankees didn't have the decency to lose in 9 innings. The game went 16 innings, and they lost 5-4 to the Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field. (Formerly Jacobs Field.)

WP: Austin Adams (2-0). No save. LP: Branden Pinder (0-2).

Pinder can't pitch in the major leagues. That's one reason he shouldn't even have been in there. But the more important reason that he shouldn't have been in there is that the Yankees should have won it long before that.

And it's not just that, in the last 3 games, the Yankees' 1 through 5 hitters in the order have gone a combined 2-for-53. That's an .038 batting average. That's worse than Stan Ross in Mr. 3000 -- and he was 47 years old!

It's also that Girardi doesn't know how to manage a pitching staff. To wit:

Luis Severino made his 2nd major league start, and went 6 innings, allowing 2 runs on 7 hits and 1 walk.

A manager with a fucking clue would have let him pitch the 7th. Joe Girardi does not have a fucking clue, and he brought in Chasen Shreve to pitch the 7th.

Then he brought in Dellin Betances to pitch the 8th. After Shreve had pitched a scoreless 7th, suggesting to a manager with a fucking clue that he should also have pitched the 8th.

Then he brought in Justin Wilson to pitch the 9th. After Betances had pitched a scoreless 8th, suggesting to a manager with a fucking clue that he should also have pitched the 9th.

Then the game went to extra innings.

Then the Yankees scored 2 runs in the top of the 10th. This, on top of a home run by Stephen Drew in the 6th (his 14th homer of the season), breaking a 31-inning scoreless streak, and one by Carlos Beltran in the 8th (his 10th).

Then Girardi brought in Andrew Miller to pitch the 10th. That actually made sense, since he is our closer.

But Miller blew a save for the 1st time all season. Getting as far as August 11 before blowing a save is pretty good, but a fat lot of good that did the Yankees tonight.

The Indians tied the game. This was the 1st time this season the Yankees led by 2 or more runs in the 9th inning or later, and lost. They had been 48-0.

The game went to the 11th. Girardi brought Adam Warren in to pitch the 11th.

Then he brought in Bryan Mitchell to pitch the 12th. After Betances had pitched a scoreless 11th, suggesting to a manager with a fucking clue that he should also have pitched the 12th.

Apparently, Mitchell is the long man. This made sense, since we had no idea how long the game was going to go.

Girardi let Mitchell pitch the 12th, the 13th, and the 14th.

Then he brought in Pinder to pitch the 15th. After Mitchell had pitched 3 scoreless innings, suggesting to a manager with a fucking clue that he should have pitched a 4th inning.

Pinder pitched a scoreless 15th. He did not pitch a scoreless 16th. He let Jose Ramirez get to 2nd base, and then allowed a game-winning hit by Michael Brantley.

Somewhere, before the game ever got to a 16th inning, Girardi should have gotten a pitching decision right that would have prevented Pinder from taking the mound.

Somewhere, before the game ever got to a 16th inning, the Yankees should have found a 5th run. Or even a 3rd, within the 1st 9 innings.

Jacoby Ellsbury: 0-for-7. Brett Gardner: 0-for-6. Mark Teixeira: 0-for-6.

This is what it was like the last 2 seasons, when Alex Rodriguez was either injured or suspended, and thus unable to provide Teix with protection, or to drive in Teix or anyone else. He was 1-for-6 tonight.

Girardi is fucking up the pitching, and he's not motivating the hitters -- who, in case you've forgotten, had 3 games with at least 12 runs not that long ago.

Let's be honest here: The George Steinbrenner of the 1980s would have fired Joe Girardi after the failure to make the Playoffs in 2013. Maybe sooner, but no later than that.

Here it is, August 12, 2015, and the Yankees have lost 4 straight, and have gone from being 7 games up in the American League Eastern Division, to now leading the Toronto Blue Jays, who won again tonight, by half a game -- 2 in the loss column.

And Hank and Hal Steinbrenner, and general manager Brian Cashman, still let Girardi manage out of his binder, and fuck up the Yankee pitching staff.

Girardi out. Willie Randolph, a true Yankee Legend and a man with good managing experience, in.

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