Wednesday, July 6, 2011

CC Sabathia: Not Everybody's All-Star

CC Sabathia returned to Cleveland, where he made his name (or at least his initials) as a big-league pitcher, and he put on a performance that must have people wondering if Ron Washington is using cocaine again.

Washington is the manager of the Texas Rangers, and has previously admitted to cocaine use while a big-league manager and coach. He says he's stopped. The team, players and management alike, rallied around him, and, last season, the Rangers won the 1st Pennant in franchise history. As the manager of the defending American League Champions, Washington will be the AL team's manager in the All-Star Game this coming Tuesday.

CC pitched 7 shutout innings against a good-hitting team in a hitters' ballpark. He allowed only 5 hits and 2 walks, notching 7 strikeouts.

He is now 12-4. His ERA this season -- in the AL, mind you, where he has to face 9 hitters, not 8 hitters and a weak-hitting pitcher -- is 2.90. His WHIP is 1.2. He's walked only 34 batters in nearly 137 innings.

He is exactly what he is paid to be: The ace starter of the team with the best record in his League.

And Washington chose not to select CC as one of the pitchers for the AL All-Star Team.


Does he really think CC is not deserving of the honor? Or is his judgement impaired? Most likely, it's impaired by Yankee Hatred. It's one of the few things on Earth more addictive, and more mind-warping, than cocaine.

Heck, next Tuesday night would almost be CC's regular spot in the rotation. Monday would be 4 days' rest, if there were a game that day.


The Yankees jumped on Hector Carrasco (8-5) early last night. Derek Jeter led off with a single, hit Number 2,995. The Yankees couldn't bring him around. But in the 2nd inning, 5 runs came home, including 2 on an RBI double by Jeter, hit Number 2,996. Curtis Granderson hit 2 homers, giving him 25 for the season. This ties him with Mark Teixeira for the team lead, although Jose Bautista of the Pesky Blue Jays of Toronto (cough-test-him-for-steroids-cough) leads the majors with 28.

The series finale is tonight at 7:00. Phil Hughes makes his return from the Disabled List, against Justin Masterson.

Last night, interviewed after the game, Jeter said, "It's hard enough to get one hit, let alone two." So it's unlikely that he'll get the 4 he needs for 3,000 tonight. But tomorrow night, the Yankees will return home to begin a 4-game series against the Tampa Bay Rays. Look for Jeter to get Number 3,000 sometime between tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon, before the All-Star Break begins.


Jeter hits 2996 4
Rivera saves 580 21
A-Rod homers 626 137
A-Rod hits 2760 240
Magic Number 77 (to eliminate Scum, 72 for Rays, 66 for O's & Jays)

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