Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yanks, Mets, Knicks, Red Bulls, U.S. Soccer All Looking Bad

The Yankees lost to the Los Angeles Angels of State College Boulevard, Anaheim, Orange County, California, United States of America, North America, Planet Earth, Sol System, United Federation of Planets, Alpha Quadrant, Milky Way Galaxy, Known Universe last night.

I'm exhausted just from typing that.

Angels 3, Yankees 2. Ivan Nova (4-4) pitched fairly well for 6 innings, but, again, the Yankees didn't hit. Only 3 hits, all allowed by Angel start Jered Weaver (7-4), brother of Jeff Fucking Weaver.

Jordan Walden notched his 13th save of the season for the Angels. That's 2 more than Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon, who got himself thrown out of today's game at Fenway. His catcher, Jason Varitek, too. But The Scum won anyway, 9-8 in 14 innings, as the Oakland Athletics blew an 8-7 lead in the 12th. Thanks for nothing, A's.

The Yanks are still in first place by half a game, 1 in the loss column over The Scum. The Magic Number is still 105, and Derek Jeter still needs 16 hits to reach 3,000. At 9:05 PM Eastern Time, Ervin "At this rate, I'm a lot better than Johan" Santana starts for the Angels, and CC "I was always better than Johan Santana" Sabathia takes the mound for the Yankees.


The Mets go into tonight's home game with the Atlanta Braves having lost the last 7 home games in which they led after 7 innings. This has never happened before in the 135-season history of Major League Baseball. Not even to the Mets.

Did you see new Met manager Terry Collins the other day? That press conference. Those crazy eyes. It's only 1/3rd of the way through the season, and already he's cracking under the pressure.

Knicks owner Charles Dolan let his son James Dolan force a 40 percent pay cut on team president Donnie Walsh. For what? Clearing salary cap space? Making it possible to acquire Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudamire? Hiring Mike D'Antoni as head coach? Getting the Knicks into the Playoffs for the first time in a dog's age? Making the Knicks (at least, for the moment) no longer the laughingstock of the NBA?

Oh, that's right, the pay cut is for not getting LeBron James. Who is now 1-5 all-time in NBA Finals games.

Walsh quit. Good for him.

Charles Dolan is once again letting James Dolan once again let Isiah Thomas run the Knicks. Bad for anybody who loves New York basketball.

Oh, well, there's always the New Jersey Nets. Wait a minute...


The U.S. soccer team looked like fools in losing 4-0 to World Cup Champion Spain this afternoon, at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro.

I blame the location. When you can blame Boston, or New England, do it.

This is the same team that held Argentina, with Lionel Messi in it, to just one goal in a draw at the Meadowlands in March? This Spain team, while loaded with Barcelona and Real Madrid stars, did not have Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas or Barcelona's Carles Puyol or Xavi Hernandez available for the game.

Don't tell me Spain is better than Argentina (they are, I know that), or that they wanted it more (that's unlikely, as this game was, like the Argentina game, a meaningless friendly). The difference between USA 1-1 Argentina and USA 0-4 Spain is that, this time, the U.S. defense played like crap.

Not a good way to head into the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Tuesday night, they play Canada at Ford Field, home of the NFL's Detroit Lions, in Detroit, a city on the border of each nation. They'd better take it seriously, even if there's no chance Canada will be as good as Argentina, let alone Spain.

The Yankees better win tonight. The Red Bulls, too. I am not in the mood for more clowning around.

UPDATE: They blew it! The Red Bulls led 1-0 in the 92nd and last minute, and they blew it! 1-1! The MSG Network announcer actually said, "I think I'm gonna be sick." You and me both, pal!

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