Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Enough Is Enough! I Have Had It

In the top of the 1st inning at Yankee Stadium II last night, it was clear that Yankee starter Freddy Garcia (4-5) did not have it against the Boston Red Sox, a.k.a. The Scum. He gave up a leadoff home run to that little pissant Jacoby Ellsbury. Then he walked that schmuck Dustin Pedroia. Then he allowed an RBI triple to that big galoot Adrian Gonzalez. Then he finally got on out, Kevin Youkilis, that asshole, wiggling his own, on a sacrifice fly to make it 3-0 before the Yankees so much as came to bat. He allowed another run in the 2nd, on an RBI double to Pedroia, before Joe Girardi finally took him out.

Luis Ayala got through the 3rd inning, but was hurt. So Girardi brought in Hector Noesi, and he did what we were hoping Garcia might do: He pitched 6 strong innings, allowing The Scum only 2 runs. Good job by the rookie, he may be a find. If he can pitch 6 in relief, he can pitch 6 as a starter.

(By the way, Cliff Lee is only 5-5, and has a higher ERA than Bartolo Colon, and not that much lower than Garcia, and he pitches in the NL, where he faces pitchers instead of designated hitters. So anybody who thinks the Yankees lost anything by not signing Lee is a fucking moron.)

The 2 runs that Noesi allowed? On a home run by David "Big Papi" Ortiz, the big fat lying caught steroid cheater.

But that wasn't the worst of it: The worst of it is that the big fat lying caught steroid cheater's homer came after the bottom of the 1st.

What happened in the bottom of the 1st? Sox start Jon "Mo" Lester (I did not make that nickname up) hit Mark Teixeira. Who's only leading the Yankees in home runs and runs batted in.

He had to leave the game -- although this did allow Jorge Posada to play 1st base and get his 1st and 2nd hits of the season off a lefthanded pitcher, plus a 3rd against a righthander. After one of the worst seasonal starts in Yankee history, Jorge is now batting .195.

Later in the inning, knowing that Teixeira had been replaced by Posada, a catcher, what does Lester do? He hits Russell Martin, the Yankees' regular catcher. He did not have to leave the game, thankfully.

Anybody think those plunkings were accidental? The hell they were! Maybe the 1st one could be explained as just losing a little control, but a 2nd one, in the same inning, on a player at a position where the Yankees can't afford to lose one? And don't tell me Lester was a little nervous, that he was unnerved by the rivalry: This son of a bitch has been in the majors since 2006.

Yes, I know, he has survived cancer. That does not make him a good person. Eric Abidal of FC Barcelona has survived cancer, but he grabbed the throat of Robin van Persie of Arsenal during a game in the 2011 Champions League. He is a rotten person, and so is Lester, and so is every player on the Red Sox. They truly are scum.

Red Sox pitchers have been intentionally hitting Yankee batters for years, and they always get away with it! But let a Yankee pitcher hit a Red Sox batter, and they whine like the little bitches that they are, and the Yankee pitcher gets tossed and fined!

And when the Boston Fat Boy came to the plate afterward? And after his homer? Did a Yankee pitcher hit him? Has a Yankee pitcher ever purposely hit the one man whose cheating-aided bat has made the difference between the Red Sox winning 2 World Series and still hearing "1918" chants? No. And they let him hit another home run off him.

Let him. Absolutely invited him to do so.

I don't know what team Samuel L. Jackson roots for -- he's from Washington, D.C., so he may have rooted for the old Washington Senators growing up -- but if he were a Yankee Fan, he'd be saying what I'm saying here:

Enough is enough! I have had it with this motherfucking cheating by these motherfucking Red Sox!

David Ortiz should overcome his corpulence and get down on his knees and thank God and Bud Selig -- he probably can't tell the difference -- that he's even allowed to play professional baseball after being a big fat lying cheating steroid user, getting caught, lying about it, and getting exposed as such.

Enough is enough. I have had it with the Red Sox. Start hitting them. And if you get fined and suspended, take Selig to court. Either apply the rules equally (if you're going to toss a Yankee pitcher for hitting a Sox batter, any Sox batter, then toss Lester for purposely hitting both Teixeira and Martin), or don't apply the rules at all, and let the players do what they want, and may the last team standing win.

This is disgusting. Ortiz should be banned for life, the Sox' titles stricken from the record, and Lester suspended for at least one start, or until Teix returns, whichever is longer.

But we have a spineless milquetoast in the commissioner's office, and as long as the Red Sox are winning, he will pander to them.

Anyway, Derek Jeter got 2 more hits. He needs 12 for 3,000. He now has a good chance to get it on this homestand.

Final score, Scum 6, Good Guys 4.

The Yankees and Red Sox are tied for 1st place, although the Yankees still lead by a game in the All-Important Loss Column.

The series continues tonight. A.J. Burnett (who better be "Good A.J." tonight) against the elderly knuckleballer Tim Wakefield.

You remember Wakefield, right? He threw this pitch.


Jeter hits 2988 12
Rivera saves 575 26
A-Rod homers 623 140
A-Rod hits 2730 270
Magic Number 103 (to eliminate Scum, 100 for Rays, 99 for Jays & O's)

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