Sunday, June 5, 2011

CC Defines "Ace"

The job of an ace starting pitcher is to give your team the best possible chance to bounce back after a loss -- or a string of them.

CC Sabathia (7-3) did that for the Yankees last night in Anaheim, nearly tossing another complete game, as the Yankees beat the Los Angeles Angels of etc., etc., etc. 3-2.

CC was strong, allowing 8 hits but just 1 walk. He only had 3 strikeouts, but that just proves that it doesn't matter how you get the outs, only that you get them. He got 26 outs. Manager Joe Girardi called on Mariano Rivera to get the 27th and last out for his 15th save, and he did.

Home runs were hit by Robinson Cano in the 4th (his 12th) and Alex Roriguez in the 6th (his 10th), both off Angel starter Ervin Santana (3-5). In Sterlingese, "It's a ribbie for Robbie! Robbie Cano! Doncha know!" and, "It's an A-Bomb! From A-Rod!"

The series, and the West Coast roadtrip, concludes today, at 3:35 Eastern Time. Bartolo Colon pitches for the Yankees against one of his former teams, and Joel Pinero goes for the Halos.

The Yankees have won 5 of their 1st 8 on this roadtrip. Taking 6 of 9 would be excellent, particularly considering that, while I was growing up, a West Coast roadtrip (especially in August) usually meant doom for the Pinstripes. If we lose today, and only get 5 of 9, that's still better than losing 7 of 9 -- or, as I retroactively call it, the Borg Roadtrip. This time, resistance was far from futile; in fact, it was impressive.

I'm still mad about the Red Bulls' choke against the Columbus Crew last night, but at least the Yankees closed an interesting but not especially satsifying day for me with a win.

Uncle Mike needs him some beach and some boardwalk. But I got up too late to go to Atlantic City (with, in addition to its casinos and the original boardwalk, its connections to Ocean City, Wildwood, Cape May and others). I could go to Point Pleasant Beach, but that could mean invoking the Curse of Martell's: The Yankees have never, ever won when I eat (or drink) at Martell's Sea Breeze. They're like 0-20 over a 20-year stretch.

Jeter 2985 15
Rivera 575 27
A-Rod 623 140
Magic Number 105

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