Saturday, August 22, 2009

Greetings From the Belly of the Beast

Greetings from the belly of the beast. Boston itself. (Well, Cambridge, anyway. My hotel is just off Harvard Square.)
No, I didn't get into Fenway on Friday night -- I didn't even get to Port Authority until it was over. No, I didn't get into Fenway today -- luckily. What a mess.

But think about this: The Scum have scored 25 runs against the Yankees in 2 games -- and only have a split to show for it. The bastards! (Yanks won 20-11 last night, Sox won 14-1 today.)

I'll have more detail when I get back, as the Internet access at this hotel is, shall we say, insufficient.

But I made it in. And, hurricane or no hurricane, I will make it out in one piece.


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