Thursday, August 6, 2009

13-6! We Beat The Scum!


13-6! We Beat The Scum, 13-6! We Beat The Scum, 13-6! We Beat The Scum, 13-6!

Whaddaya t'ink o' Red Sox? "SHIT!"
Whaddaya t'ink o' shit? "RED SOX!"
Thank you! "THAT'S ALL RIGHT!"

At this rate, with all these English soccer references, I'm going to start calling this sport "rounders."

Who cares! We Beat The Scum, 13-6!

Homers by Damon, Cabrera, Posada and Teixeira. Or, in Sterlingese, "It's Damonic! The Melkman delivers! Jorgie juiced one! And a Teix message!"

Joba labored, only getting through the 5th, but the bullpen did what had to be done: Get to the 27th out with the Yanks ahead. Twelve walks by Yankee pitchers -- 12. Plus a hit batter, and not the kind that might've sent a message to the bastards a few years ago when it would have helped, this was a total accident. So that's like 13 walks. And STILL we won by 7 runs.

Finally beat The Scum. And moved to 3 1/2 games up. The Magic Number to clinch the American League Eastern Division Title is 59. The Scum still lead in the Wild Card race, though, by 2 games over the Texas Strangers, pending the results of the Rangers' game tonight.

Mets getting shelled in San Diego, Padres lead 6-0 in the 4th. (Update: The final was Padres 8, Mess 3.) And the Phillies won in Cliff Lee's home debut. The Tragic Number to eliminate the Mutts from the possibility of making the Playoffs is 55.

Oh, how it made all the Yankee Fans laugh!

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