Saturday, August 8, 2009

2-0! We Beat The Scum! In 15!

Long night. A.J. Burnett and Josh (Super Punk) Beckett, who combined to help beat the Yankees for the Florida Marlins in the 2003 World Series, dueled deep, and it went to extra innings scoreless.

Between them, Burnett and Phil Hughes allowed just 1 hit through the 1st 8. Still, the Yanks didn't score. It was as if both teams used up all their runs last night.

The Yanks can't score tonight. A-Rod has already choked 3 times in the clutch leading up to this 15th inning. Surely, he's not going to come through now.

Every time I trust him in the clutch, he chokes; but whenever I give up on him, that is when the bum comes through in the clutch!

Swung on, and driven deep to left-center field! It is high! It is far! It is gone! It's an A-Bomb! From A-Rod! Ballgame over! Yankees win! THEEEEEEEE YANKEES WIN!

Two-nil! We beat The Scum, two-nil! We beat The Scum, two-nil! We beat The Scum, two-nil!

I still don't like A-Rod, and, yes, he did use steroids, but as they used to say in Brooklyn, he may be a bum but he's our bum.

Home Run Number 573, tying Harmon Killebrew, a one-dimensional player, but what a performance in that dimension!

Burnett, who started this game 6 1/2 hours ago, just gave him the pie! As Brooklyn Dodger fan Jackie Gleason used to say, "Mmmmm, how sweet it is!"

Not to mention A-Rod hit it to the Moon! (Well, to the Sox bullpen, anyway.) BANG! ZOOM!

But you'll never get me to say to A-Rod, "Baby, you're the greatest!"

The Magic Number to clinch the A.L. East is 57.

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