Monday, August 1, 2016

The Citi Series: The Record

Note: The following article was written before Brian Cashman started giving away the store for a bunch of kids who may never reach the major leagues. In other words, the Yankees still had a shot at the Playoffs. Now, they may not have one for the next 10 years.

As for the Mets, well, we all know they're going to blow it. The only questions are when and how.


Well, it's that time again: The City Series. Or, should I say, the Citi Series.

Of course, it's not a "Subway Series." That name is only to be used when two teams in the same metropolitan area meet in the World Series. (It is possible for all 4 metro areas with 2 teams, although in Chicago it's more of an "El Series," and in Los Angeles it's a "MetroLink Series.")

When Interleague play began in 1997, the only 3 games between the Yankees and the Mets were played at the original Yankee Stadium. In 1998, they were played at Shea Stadium. In 1999, they began alternating, with 3 at each park, moving on in 2009 to the replacements, Yankee Stadium II and Citi Field. Then, last year, they tried something new, which has carried over into this season: A single 4-day, 4-game series, 2 at one park, then 2 at the other.

Here's how it's come out:

1997 2-1 Yankees
1998 2-1 Yankees
1999 3-3 Tie
2000 4-2 Yankees
2001 4-2 Yankees
2002 3-3 Tie
2003 6-0 Yankees
2004 4-2 Mets
2005 3-3 Tie
2006 3-3 Tie
2007 3-3 Tie
2008 4-2 Mets
2009 5-1 Yankees
2010 3-3 Tie
2011 4-2 Yankees
2012 5-1 Yankees
2013 4-0 Mets
2014 2-2 Tie
2015 4-2 Yankees

Total: 60-44 Yankees. The Yankees have won the season series 9 times, the Mets 3, and they've split 7.

When you count the 2000 World Series, the totals in the games that count -- not counting spring training and all those "Mayor's Trophy Games," which Met fans only seemed to talk about and consider to have "mattered" when they won -- is 64-45 Yankees.

Extend those 109 games to a full 162-game season, and that .587 winning percentage for the Yankees comes to 95 wins for the Bronx Bombers (nearly always enough to finish first), and just 67 for the Queens Princesses (nearly always finishing last). Even if you only count the 60-44 of the regular season, the Yankees' percentage is still .577 -- good for 93 wins (usually enough to at least make the Playoffs), to the Mets' 69 (still usually enough to finish last).

In Spring Training, the Yankees lead 45-32. (Those figures are likely to remain, as they usually don't play each other in Spring Training anymore.) In the Mayor's Trophy Games, once the highlight of the Mets' season (well, that and Banner Day) but now defunct, the Yankees lead 14-11-1. All told, the Yankees lead 123-88-1, for a percentage of .583, good (over 162 games) for 94-68 (usually good enough to at least make the Playoffs).

And, of course, the Yankees won the 2000 World Series, 4 games to 1, clinching at Shea. Met fans waited 39 years to play the Yankees in the World Series. You wanted it. You wanted it. You wanted it! Well, you got it, baby! Boy, did you get it! And now, until another actual Subway Series is played (which would require the Mets to hold up their end of the bargain and win a Pennant, ha ha), there is nothing that Met fans can say: We own your sorry asses.

What's that? You say the Yankees cheated with steroids in 2000? Please, you had Mike "Bacne" Piazza. Who lost his cool and went into "roid rage" in that Series: Piazza, or Roger Clemens?

So, no, the Flushing Heathen have nothing to say. The Yankees have the edge over them in everything: Overall record, total titles, titles since the Mets debuted in 1962, titles since the Mets really arrived in 1969, titles since 1979, titles since 1986, better attendance, better ballpark.

Okay, maybe the Mets have better broadcasters and better food. But that's about it.

Makes you wonder why the Mets even bother with Interleague play. Well, it's about the money: MLB makes money off Interleague play; and, for the Mets, every home game against the Yankees, the team Met fans hate more than all the others combined, is a guaranteed sellout. And the Yankee organization doesn't seem to mind getting the home sellouts either. (After all, they can afford to have YS2 fumigated afterward.)

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