Saturday, June 18, 2016

Yankees Don't Disappoint, Vin Scully Does

The Minnesota Twins are not having a good season. They're making the 2016 Yankees, who aren't looking particularly impressive, look like the 1998 Yankees.

Masahiro Tanaka took the mound in the bottom of the 1st with a tasty 4-run lead. That's because, in the top of the 1st, Jacoby Ellsbury led off the game with a single, Rob Refsnyder doubled him home, Carlos Beltran hit a home run (his 17th of the season), Alex Rodriguez grounded out, Starlin Castro walked, Chase Headley doubled, and Didi Gregorius singled in Castro -- but not Headley.

(So 1 out of 2 doubles with a man on 1st immediately scored a run. Sad to say, that's an improvement. And Headley should have scored on Gregorius' single.)

Tanaka allowed a run in the 2nd, but the Yankees picked up 3 more in the 3rd, and another in the 4th, and it was 8-1 most of the way.

Joe Girardi let Tanaka go 8 innings, because he threw only 110 pitches. Could Nick Goody be trusted with a 7-run lead in the bottom of the 9th? Sort of: He did allow a home run to Eduardo Escobar. But he didn't let the Twins get any closer.

Yankees 8, Twins, 2. WP: Tanaka (4-2). No save. LP: Pat Dean (1-3).

The series continues this afternoon. Michael Pineda starts for the Bronx Bombers, Ricky Nolasco for the hosts.


Elsewhere in baseball last night, the Boston Red Sox lost 8-4 to the Seattle Mariners, and the Baltimore Orioles lost 13-3 to the Toronto Blue Jays. Both good news for the Yankees. The Mets lost 5-1 to the Atlanta Braves, which doesn't help the Yankees, but it does make our fans chuckle.

And the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Milwaukee Brewers 3-2 in 10 innings last night. Vin Scully saw a player from Venezuela in the game, went on a rant about socialism.

Right, just what the world needs: Another rich old white man who got rich through something other than his own hard workcomplaining about a system that might make him pay a little bit more in taxes.

Scully, I thought you were a better man than that. I guess I was wrong.

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