Saturday, February 27, 2016

If Twitter Was Around Then

Warning: Contains nasty language, bad grammar, weak punctuation and capitalization, and shorthand -- in each case, as befitting Twitter.

15 Dec 1956 @EbbetsFieldBum #JR42 refused to play for The Scum, retires as #Brooklyn Dodger. #Legend

15 Dec 1956 @PoloGrounder37 Fuk him its all about the #SayHeyKid #WM24 #Jints

19 Aug 1957 @StonehamSux Horace you ahole keep #Jints in NYC! Think of the kids

20 Aug 1957 @HoraceStoneham1903 I feel bad for the kids but haven't seen 2 many of their dads lately

24 Sep 1957 @EbbetsFieldBum Omalley i swear to god if you move #DemBums Ill kill U

10 Oct 1957 @StonehamSux Hahahahahaha #YankeesSuck cant even beat Milwawke

10 Oct 1957 @Yanks17Rings I'll be spending Opening Day at Yankee Stadium. Where will YOU be on Opening Day? Polo Grounds? Oh, that's right...

10 Oct 1957 @StonehamSux kill yrself

5 Oct 1958 @RalphMalph39 Looks like our Braves are gonna beat the Yankees again! "Bushville" my ass!

9 Oct 1958 @MickMan7 Y'all were sayin'?

28 Dec 1958 @Yanks18Rings Baltimore? The Giants lost the NFL title to Baltimore? At home?

22 Aug 1959 @BronxBoy1938 Yanks lost again? To fuckin KC? #StengelOut old man can't do it no more

13 Oct 1960 @ForbesBuc09 MAZEROSKI!


18 Oct 1960 @OlPerfesser1890 I guess this means they fired me.

12 Sept 1961 @MickMan7 FU Maris you aint' as good as Mickey or Babe

12 Sept 1961 @Maris9Fan He never said he was. He's a great player. Leave him alone

1 Oct 1961 @FargoGirlPat He did it! My Roger did it! #RM9 #61in61

1 Oct 1961 @ClaireMrsBabe Son of a bitch!

2 Mar 1962 @PhillyWarriorFan 100! My man #Wilt! He actually did it! #WC13 #WC100 #GOAT

2 Mar 1962 @CelticFan1 It really shouldn't count, since it was against the #Knicks. And he hasn't won a ring.

2 Mar 1962 @MadisonSquareGardener46 DONOVAN OUT

13 Jul 1962 @OlPerfesser1890 I been in this game 100 years. My amazin #Mets showed me ways to lose I never knew existed before.

13 Jul 1962 @NewBreedFan62 dont worry Casey were nys team now fuck the yankees

22 May 1963 @MickMan7 Ballgame over! Yankees win! Call Mickey the facademeister! #HowAboutThat

5 Jun 1963 @MickMan7 Oh shit Mickey! Not again!

5 Jun 1963 @NewBreedFan62 ha ha ha mickey WOMANtles hurt again #yankeessuck its all about da #METS now

5 Jun 1963 @Yanks20Rings Like you got a player like Mickey.

5 Jun 1963 @NewBreedFan62 we got a BETTER player than mickey WOMANtle we got the DUKE!

6 Jun 1963 @Yanks20Rings You're a moron, Duke Snider is washed up

4 Aug 1963 @MickMan7 Pinch-hit home run after 2 months on the sideline! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout! #MM7 #Legend #GOAT

2 Oct 1963 @SandysMensch Koufax! 15 Ks!

6 Oct 1963 @NewBreedFan62 ha ha ha stinkees and mickey WOMANtle got swept by #dembums!

6 Oct 1963 @Yanks20Rings You DO know the Dodgers aren't in Brooklyn anymore, right? LA's win does nothing for you. Your Mutts have lost 231 games in 2 years.

24 Nov 1963 @AFLfan1960 POTUS dies, AFL postpones games, NFL doesn't. Shame on you, #Rozelle RIP #JFK 1917-63

10 Feb 1964 @PaulMacsGirl50 OMG Beatles are so fine I wanna have Pauls baby I just turned 14

10 Feb 1964 @JohnLennonFan45 You do know it wouldn't matter if they weren't also great singers, musicians & songwriters, right?

10 Feb 1964 @PaulMacsGirl50 But they're GORRRRRRRRGEOUS

24 Feb 1964 @PrettyCassius I'm young, I'm handsome, I'm fast, I'm pretty, and can't possibly be beat!

24 Feb 1964 @BigBoxingFan Liston gonna fuck you up (N-word)!

24 Feb 1964 @PrettyCassius If you wanna lose yo money, be a fool and bet on Sonny!

25 Feb 1964 @PrettyCassius I am The Greatest! I'm pretty! I'm a bad man! I shook up the world!

26 Feb 1964 @MuhammadAli1942 New account for a new name. @PrettyCassius is a slave handle.

4 Jul 1964 @PaulMacsGirl50 Jane Asher is a ho

21 Jun 1965 @MickMan7 That SI cover is brutal. Mickey looks about 50 years old.

21 Jul 1965 @SheaBoy64 427K for Namath? That guy's hella dope but spending that much money on 1 player I'm afraid is a hella dont

15 Aug 1965 @Yanks20Rings Shows how much class #Mets have, letting those longhairs play in their dumb football stadium in Queens.

16 Aug 1965 @PaulMacsGirl50 Shut up Beatles are boss they are the greatest band ever we are the greatest fandom ever

9 Sep 1965 @SandysMensch Koufax! Perfect! #4NoHitters

22 Sep 1965 @MickMan7 Minnesota. The Minnesota Freaking #Twins. I can't believe it.

22 Sep 1965 @Yanks20Rings They're a flash in the pan. 1965 was just another 1959, 1940 or 1925. The Yanks will win the Series again next year.

9 Dec 1965 @Yanks20Rings The #Orioles traded Milt Pappas for Frank Robinson? Are they out of their minds?

28 Apr 1966 @LALakers60 FFS when will #NBA clamp down on #Celtic cheating? #Lakers will never win title until they do!

9 Oct 1966 @33rdStreetBirdman World Champs baby! 4 straight! Fuck LA! #FR20 World Champ MVP & Triple Crown!

19 Nov 1966 @SandysMensch Why, Sandy, Why? #Tears #SK32 #Legend #GOAT

19 Nov 1966 @SpartyFanMSU Parseghian had no guts #TieOneForTheGipper

24 Apr 1967 @WiltNormChamberlain We've done it, #Philly. #76ers #WorldChamps

25 Apr 1967 @SixerFan63 How many women did you screw last night, Wilt? #Legend

25 Apr 1967 @WiltNormChamberlain None. But I made love to three.

25 Apr 1967 @SixerFan63 You dog. #GOAT #WC13

1 Oct 1967 @SawxFan67 #ImpossibleDream, baby! We're Number 1! Suck it, Yankees!

10 Oct 1968 @CubFan1945 #Tigers beat #Gibson in #Game7. I love it, but I don't believe it!

9 Jan 1969 @Numba1ColtsFan Hey Joe were gonna kick your ass on Sunday

9 Jan 1969 @JoeWillie12 We're gonna win. I guarantee it.

12 Jan 1969 @MayorLindsay J, E, T, S, Jets, Jets, Jets! Now, PLEASE re-elect me!

12 Jan 1969 @JoeWillie12 I told ya so.

1 Mar 1969 @MickMan7 The greatest ever, and he's hanging 'em up. I can't even.

1 Mar 1969 @SheaBoy64 As much as I hate the Yankees, #Mantle is a #Legend. #RESPEC7


8 Jun 1969 @MickMan7 We love you Mickey

8 Jun 1969 @NewBreedFan62 mickey WOMANtle is done he can limp away now its all about amazin METS baby

20 Jul 1969 @SheaBoy64 #ManOnTheMoon! Now, the #Mets are gonna put the #Pennant on the Moon!

21 Jul 1969 @CubFan1945 Nope. Cubbies, baby.

24 Sep 1969 @CubFan1945 What was it Charlie Brown said? AUUGH! Good grief! I can't stand it! My stomach hurts!

25 Sep 1969 @SheaBoy64 Bring your kiddies and bring your wife, guaranteed to have the time of your life! Because the Mets are really sockin' the ball...

16 Oct 1969 @SheaBoy64 The #MiracleOn126thStreet is done! #Mets #WereNumber1

17 Oct 1969 @MayorLindsay #LetsGoMets! #WorldChamps! Please re-elect me!

5 Nov 1969 @MayorLindsay Thank you, New York! #NYC #FunCity #GreatestCityInTheWorld #CityOfChampions

5 Nov 1969 @MickMan7 Since 1956 the Yanks, Mets, Giants & now Jets & Mets have won titles. Still waiting on Knicks & Rangers.

17 Apr 1970 @PaulMacsGirl50 OMG #Beatles broke up I can't even. I hate you Linda! I hate you Yoko! I wanna die

4 May 1970 @MadisonSquareGardener46 Oh shit no! Willis!

4 May 1970 @MasterHaywoodAllen Why does this stuff always have to happen to the #Knicks?

8 May 1970 @MadisonSquareGardener46 If Willis can't play, we're dead. Wilt will eat us alive, Jerry West will hit 30-foot jumpers, Baylor will crush us. Dead.

8 May 1970 @MadisonSquareGardener46 WILLIS!

8 May 1970 @MadisonSquareGardener46 We win! #Knicks 113 Lakers 99! #WorldChamps at last! OMG I'm gonna cry

8 May 1970 @EbbetsFieldBum Now you know how I felt in '55.

8 May 1970 @MadisonSquareGardener46 I know rite?

9 May 1970 @PaulMacsGirl50 You know, big brother, I never realized how handsome Elvis is. And what a voice. Maybe I'm getting mature. It sucks.

10 May 1970 @PresleyBoy41 I told ya, he's still The King. #ThankYouVeryMuch

10 May 1970 @SawxFan67 Score! Bobby Orr in OT! #Bruins win the Cup!

19 May 1970 @Yanks20Rings That Munson kid needs to get a haircut. He just doesn't fit the #YankeeWay. You gotta have #Class

29 May 1970 @Yanks20Rings That Jackson kid for Oakland can really hit. Come on Mike Burke, spend some fucking MONEY!

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