Saturday, September 13, 2014

Yogi Called. He Said, "It's Over."

After last night's rain-forced doubleheader with the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards, I wouldn't have been surprised if Yogi Berra had called and said, "It's over."

The 1st game was bad enough. Brandon McCarthy pitched the 1st 7 innings, allowing no runs, 4 hits, and no walks. Dellin Betances was a little shaky in the 8th, David Robertson in the 9th and 10th. But after 10 innings, the O's hadn't scored.

Neither had the Yankees. It was pathetic: The New York Yankees should be able to score at least 1 run in 10 innings, especially at the Baltimore Bandbox.

Then, in the top of the 11th, Chris Young, the previous night's walkoff home run hero, struck again, with his 10th home run of the season (3rd as a Yankee). One-nil to the Bronx Bombers.

Then Joe Girardi thought, "You know what would be fun? Giving Uncle Mike a stroke by putting Adam Warren in to close this out."

And this is what Warren allowed: Walk, sacrifice bunt, hit-by-pitch, strikeout, walk, double.

Orioles 2, Yankees 1. WP: Brad Brach (7-1). No save. LP: Warren (3-6).


Whether the 1st game was our most depressing loss of the season or not, the 2nd game was probably the nail in the coffin for our postseason hopes.

The Yankees sent Bryan Mitchell, with all of 2 major league innings under his belt, out to start this game. He didn't pitch badly: 5 innings, 2 runs, 6 hits, 2 walks.

At this point, the Yankees only trailed 2-0. The game was still very much in reach, even for a Yankee team that can't hit water if it falls out of a fucking boat. (Yes, that was a Bull Durham reference.)

Then Girardi thought, "You know what would be fun? Not letting the kid who's cruising try to prove himself with a 6th inning. Let's wear out the bullpen again."

Josh Outman pitched a perfect 6th. Did Girardi leave him in? Is the Pope Buddhist? He sent David Phelps out to pitch the 7th. Boy, has Phelps dropped off the map. He allowed 2 more runs, and the game, and the season, was essentially over.

Orioles 5, Yankees 0. WP: Bud Norris (13-8). No save. LP: Mitchell (0-1).

The Yankees only got 4 hits. In 19 innings yesterday, they scored exactly 1 run.


The Yankees are now 5 games out of the 2nd Wild Card berth, with 16 games to play. It's over. Done. Fugeddaboutit.

The series continues this afternoon. Shane Greene starts against Miguel Gonzalez.

For all the good it will do to play this game, and the 15 after it.

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