Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The World Series/Presidential Election Analogy

The first World Series was played in 1903. The next Presidential election was in 1904, but there was no World Series that year. The first year with both was 1908.

Year: World Series winner, its League; President elected, his Party.

1908: Chicago Cubs, National; William Howard Taft, Republican.

1912: Boston Red Sox, American; Woodrow Wilson, Democratic.

1916: Boston Red Sox, American; Woodrow Wilson, Democratic.

1920: Cleveland Indians, American; Warren Harding, Republican.

1924: Washington Senators, American; Calvin Coolidge, Republican.

1928: New York Yankees, American; Herbert Hoover, Republican.

1932: New York Yankees, American; Franklin Roosevelt, Democratic.

1936: New York Yankees, American; Franklin Roosevelt, Democratic.

1940: Cincinnati Reds, National; Franklin Roosevelt, Democratic.

1944: St. Louis Cardinals, National; Franklin Roosevelt, Democratic.

1948: Cleveland Indians, American; Harry Truman, Democratic.

1952: New York Yankees, American; Dwight D. Eisenhower, Republican.

1956: New York Yankees, American; Dwight D. Eisenhower, Republican.

1960: Pittsburgh Pirates, National; John F. Kennedy, Democratic.

1964: St. Louis Cardinals, National; Lyndon Johnson, Democratic.

1968: Detroit Tigers, American; Richard Nixon, Republican.

1972: Oakland Athletics, American; Richard Nixon, Republican.

1976: Cincinnati Reds, National; Jimmy Carter, Democratic.

1980: Philadelphia Phillies, National; Ronald Reagan, Republican.

1984: Detroit Tigers, American; Ronald Reagan, Republican.

1988: Los Angeles Dodgers, National; George H.W. Bush, Republican.

1992: Toronto Blue Jays, American (though based in Canada); Bill Clinton, Democratic.

1996: New York Yankees, American; Bill Clinton, Democratic.

2000: New York Yankees, American; George W. Bush, Republican (with "help").

2004: Boston Red Sox, American (with "help"); George W. Bush, Republican (with "help").

2008: Philadelphia Phillies, National; Barack Obama, Democratic.

2012: San Francisco Giants, National; Barack Obama, Democratic.


When an AL team wins the World Series, Republicans have a 10-7 advantage.

When an NL team wins the World Series, Democrats have a 7-3 advantage.

I guess the old pattern doesn't hold too well.

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