Friday, May 18, 2012

Yankees, Start Hitting. NOW.

I wish my 2nd 1,000 posts could be started with some serious Yankee offense. But we haven't seen it for a while.

Two nights ago, the Yankees flew over the border into the People's Republic of Hockey. And went to a city where hockey generally is not played this time of year.


Unfortunately, the Pesky Blue Jays were waiting for them. Hiroki Kuroda (3-5) couldn't stop them, and Kyle Drabek (3-4) and 2 relievers limited the Yanks to 3 hits. Jays 8, Yankees 1.

Then last night, the Yankees got decent pitching from Phil Hughes, but it wasn't enough (3-5), because they only got 5 hits off Drew Hutchison and and 3 relievers, including Casey Janssen (3rd save). Jays 5, Yankees 1.


Tonight, the Yankees return home, and start... oy vey... Interleague play. With the Cincinnati Reds.

I hate Interleague play. We already had it. It was called "the World Series."

Yankees, start hitting.


Do it for Reggie Jackson. It's his birthday. Mr. October turns... 66?

Hell no, he's forever young.

Do it for Reggie.

Or else he'll be sad.
You don't want Reggie to be sad, do you?

No. And don't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

If you start hitting, you will start winning. And that will make Reggie Jackson happy. And it will make Derek Jeter happy, too.
Come to think of it, it will also make me happy.

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