Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Yankee Performance Sucks, Luis Suarez Bites

The Yankees' recent performance sucks.

I'd say it "bites," but I've already seen enough Luis Suarez jokes for one day. (Just when you thought it was safe to go back onto the pitch... )

Last night, the Yankees began a 3-game road series against the Toronto Blue Jays, whom they swept at Yankee Stadium last week. They went in tied for first place in the loss column. They did not end up that way.

Chase Whitley had looked very good in his first few major league starts. He had to have his first major league loss sometime.

But I didn't expect it to happen like this. He allowed a run in the 1st inning. And then he allowed 6 runs in the 2nd inning. He allowed 1 more in the 4th before Joe Girardi looked in his Binder and read, "Time to show some mercy and remove the poor kid."

To their credit, Huff and Shawn Kelley allowed no runs, 2 hits and 2 walks the rest of the way. To their detriment, the Yankee offense was pathetic again. Mark Teixeira hit a solo home run in the 4th, his 13th "Teix Message" of the season. He's one of the few bright spots this season (especially compared to what little he was able to do last season). Aside from a modest comeback in the 9th, that was it.

Blue Jays 8, Yankees 1. WP: Marcus Strohman (4-2). No save. LP: Whitley (3-1).

Tonight, the Yankees send David Phelps out to the mound against Mark Buehrle. So the news keeps getting better and better.


As for Suarez, whose bite of Giorgio Chiellini was not caught by the officials in today's World Cup match, allowing Uruguay to win 1-0 over an Italy team already down to 10 men (for a tackle that was seen, and correctly given a straight red card), this was the 3rd time he'd bitten an opponent during a game. He'd done it with Ajax Amsterdam, and with Liverpool, and has now done it for his national team.

Once is a stupid mistake. Twice is criminal. Third, and we're talking mental illness. And not the sympathetic kind, either: This bastard is psychotic. He should be banned from all competitions for at least a year, as a repeat offender, and an unrepentant one at that.

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