Monday, June 2, 2014

New York vs. Los Angeles In Postseason Play

Disgusting. The New York Rangers and the Los Angeles Kings will oppose each other in the Stanley Cup Finals.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman got his dream matchup: New York vs. L.A., the 2 biggest media markets, a ratings and merchandising bonanza.

If I can keep from throwing up long enough, I will support the Kings.

More accurately, I will do what Italian soccer fans call gufare. Roughly translated, it means "supporting against": I will support L.A. merely because the alternative is supporting The Scum.

Here is every previous New York Tri-State Area vs. Los Angeles area postseason matchup:

1963 World Series: Dodgers over Yankees
1970 NBA Finals: Knicks over Lakers
1972 NBA Finals: Lakers over Knicks
1973 NBA Finals: Knicks over Lakers
1977 World Series: Yankees over Dodgers
1978 World Series: Yankees over Dodgers
1979 Stanley Cup Preliminary Round: Rangers over Kings
1980 Stanley Cup Preliminary Round: Islanders over Kings
1981 Stanley Cup Preliminary Round: Rangers over Kings
1981 World Series: Dodgers over Yankees
1982 AFC Divisional Playoff: Jets over Raiders
1984 NFC Wild Card Playoff: Giants over Rams
1988 NLCS: Dodgers over Mets
1989 NFC Divisional Playoff: Rams over Giants (The Flipper Anderson Game)
2002 NBA Finals: Lakers over Nets
2002 ALDS: Angels over Yankees
2003 Stanley Cup Finals: Devils over Ducks
2005 ALDS: Angels over Yankees
2006 NLCS: Mets over Dodgers
2009 ALCS: Yankees over Angels
2012 Stanley Cup Finals: Kings over Devils
2014 Stanley Cup Finals: Rangers vs. Kings, to be determined

Yankees: 3-4
Mets: 1-1
Giants: 1-1
Jets: 1-0
Knicks: 2-1
Nets: 0-1
Rangers: 2-0
Islanders: 1-0
Devils: 1-1

Dodgers: 3-3
Angels: 2-1
Rams: 1-1
Raiders: 0-1
Lakers: 2-2
Clippers: 0-0
Kings: 1-3
Ducks: 0-1

Baseball: Los Angeles leads, 5-4
Football: New York leads, 2-1 (not currently possible)
Basketball: Tied, 2-2
Hockey: New York leads, 4-1
Overall: New York leads, 12-9

The one caveat to that is that the difference between New York leading, and Los Angeles leadking, is the Kings, including their 0-2 thus far against the Rangers.

The Kings better win. Ranger fans are obnoxious as hell when their team really does stink, not just suck. They have become insufferable this season, especially after that disaster at Yankee Stadium in January. If they win the Cup for only the 2nd time since 1940, they'll be like Tottenham and Man United fans rolled into one filthy package.

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