Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yogi Called. He Says It's Over

In the end, even CC Sabathia couldn't save us. The Big Fella allowed a run in the 1st, another in the 3rd, and 4 in the 4th. The Yankees were never in Game 4.

The lone Yankee run came in the top of the 6th, on a triple by Eduardo Nunez and a double by Nick Swisher -- his last at-bat as a Yankee?

And Alex Rodriguez came to bat, as a pinch-hitter for Raul Ibanez, and hit a weak groundout... to shortstop, with some appropriateness.

The last batter was Jayson Nix, a mere popup to 1st base.

The Yankees went down meekly, 8-1, and got swept in the American League Championship Series. This was the 1st time the Yankees were swept in a postseason series since the 1980 ALCS, which was so long ago, it was against the Kansas City Royals.

A season that had so much promise has gone down in flames. And with very little resistance.

It would have been one thing if, to borrow a line from Star Trek, resistance had been futile. But there was no serious attempt to resist.


The season, as even Yogi Berra would now agree, is over.

Whose Yankee career is now over? Time will tell.

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