Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mike Lupica vs. Jabba the Guv

Yesterday -- I can't seem to find a link to it -- New York Daily News columnist Mike Lupica proves that, while he's often wrong about sports, he is completely right (that is, correct, not right-wing) about politics.

He called Chris Christie, New Jersey's Blob-in-Chief, "Ralph Kramden." The blustery, blubbery Brooklyn bus driver from The Honeymooners.

Calling Chris Christie "Ralph Kramden" is a terrible insult. To Honeymooners fans.

Ralph was poor, and Christie hates the poor. Ralph was an urban guy, and Christie hates the cities. He thinks they're a drain on rich people's fortunes and that they don't pay enough taxes. He's one of those "Fuck 'em, they don't vote for us anyway" guys -- the kind I wish Democrats would be more often!

Chris Christie is not Ralph Kramden. Ralph had a conscience. He realized he made mistakes, and he was ashamed of them. Christie, Jabba the Guv, has no shame, doesn't care who he hurts, and has far more "crazy harebrained schemes" than Ralphie Boy ever did.

I'd threaten to send Christie to the Moon, but there ain't a rocket in this country with enough thrust to send him to the Moon!

As Ralph's pal Ed Norton would say, there's only one place Christie belongs: The sewer! Which is what New Jersey will be if we don't kick him out in 2013!

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Paul said...

Keep fighting the good fight! My only saving grace from that shitshow of an election was that the best the GOP could do up here was a few seats in our State House of Representatives (thankfully not mine!) - they actually lost ground in the State Senate by losing the seat given up by their Lt. Gov nominee.