Sunday, November 7, 2010

EBHS Makes the Playoffs Anyway

Looks like I misread the articles, and the power points: Despite Howell's victory over Brick Memorial yesterday, East Brunswick High School made the Central Jersey Group IV Playoffs anyway. This makes it back-to-back seasons, something that hasn't happened for us in 22 years.

We get the 7th seed, and travel to 2nd-seeded... Brick Memorial.

This has a special resonance for me, because my Grandma lived in Brick, about halfway between Brick Township (the older school, founded in 1958, which since 1980 has taken students from the south side of town) and Brick Memorial (the newer school). We went to a few games at each school, often their Thanksgiving weekend games against each other, which were usually postponed from T-Day to the following Friday night or Saturday afternoon because one or the other was usually in the Playoffs.

Trouble is, if the game is scheduled for Friday night, then there's a pretty good chance that, for the 1st time since 1980, East Brunswick will play a football Playoff game without me watching. The public-transit schedules don't work out very well for me.


Arsenal lost to Newcastle 1-0 today. But Liverpool beat Chelsea, so my Gunners remain only 5 points off the League lead.

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