Monday, November 2, 2009

The Yankees Aren't Coming Back

It's 6-2 Phillies after 6, and Cliff Lee looks very strong again.

The Yankees are not coming from behind to win this game. No chance.

Now, let's see if the old "reverse jinx" works.

Update: If only Girardi hadn't brought in Phil Coke-is-not-it. It would have been 6-6. Instead, it was 8-2, and ended 8-6. A valiant effort, and I could see some people in the stands with horrified looks on their faces, wondering if this was the Philadelphia sports choke to end all. Fortunately for them, and unfortunately for the Yankees, it was Ryan Madson on the mound, not Brad Lidge. The Yankees came back from a 6-run deficit in Game 4 in '96, but despite having Damon on 2nd, Teix up, and A-Rod on deck, this one was not to be. Phillies 8, Yankees 6.

Day off, then, Wednesday night, Yankees vs. Pedro in Game 6. Time to punish the son of a bitch for everything.

Yeah, I made a remark about your mother, Pedro, you goddamned punk coward. What the fuck you gonna do about it, pato?

I'm reminded of the words of shortstop turned manager Alvin Dark: "The Lord taught me to love everybody, but I learned to love the sportswriters last."

It's wrong to hate people. But Pedro makes my sense of right and wrong go haywire.

Shred him.

And, Joe Girardi: After we win this game, if you should manage to get Jose Molina lost during the parade, that wouldn't be a bad thing.

Especially if someone sees him lost, and directs him to Citi Field. The Mets haven't had a good defensive catcher since Gary Carter left, anyway.

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