Monday, November 2, 2009

Another Great A-Rod Moment... Wiped Out

Top of the 1st, A-Rod gets his 3rd hit of the Series, a double to score Damon. Already the Yanks have done better against Lee than they did in Game 1.

We got the +1 run. 27 outs to go.

Come on, A.J., get Rollins out. Rats, a hit. Oh boy, now I'm nervous.

I did hear the Bleacher Creature Roll Call again. Good. We ain't intimidated by no Philly Boo-Birds.

Oh, shit, A.J. hit Victorino. Two men on, nobody out for Utley. And then Howard. This lead could vanish in an instant.

Oy vey, what this game does to me.

Looks like Victorino is okay.

And so the lead does vanish. Fourth homer of the Series for Utley. First pitch, no doubt about it. 3-1 Phils. Damn it. So much for A-Rod's hit meaning much.

Walks Howard. He hasn't retired a batter yet. Get Chad Gaudin warmed up?

No, after that Burnett settled down, and, thanks to a great play by Teixeira, he got out of the bottom of the 1st with no further damage. Down 2 after 1? As John Sterling would say, "That's just a bloop and a blast." Especially in a yard like Citizens Bank Park.

Let's take it back, Bronx Bombers.

Through the bottom of the 3rd, still down 3-1.

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