Friday, September 14, 2012

Would You Still Trade Hughes for Santana?

The Orioles had another walkoff win against the Rays, this time in the bottom of the 14th. So the Rays are now 4 games back, and are mostly likely out of the race for the AL East title, though very much in the hunt for one of the AL's Wild Card berths.

But this meant that the Yankees went into the finale and rubber game of their series against The Scum at Fenway a half-game out of 1st place, and with Phil Hughes on the mound, and with a whole bunch of injuries.

Fortunately, Derek Jeter was in the lineup, bruised ankle and all, albeit as the DH, not the shortstop. Unfortunately, that meant that Eduardo Nunez was the shortstop.

Hughes? In the Back Bay pinball machine? With no Mark Teixeira in his own lineup? Effectively replaced by Steve Pearce? With the crumbling Andruw Jones in left field? And Nunez and his stainless steel glove at short?



Top of the 4th: Alex Rodriguez leads off by lining a single to center. He steals 2nd. Red Sox starter Felix Doubront, now nervous, walks Robinson Cano. A coaching visit to the mound does not calm him down, as he walks Russell Martin. Bases loaded, nobody out. The Yankees should have scored more than 1 run out of that, but that's all they got. Jones flew to left, scoring A-Rod. Then Curtis Granderson lined to 1st, unassisted double play.

Top of the 7th: With 1 out, Pearce walks. Nunez singles. Bobby Valentine pulls Doubront for Junichi Tazawa. Jeter singles to center, scoring Pearce. But Swish and A-Rod struck out.

Two runs. That's all the Yankees got last night. At Fenway.

Phil Hughes pitched into the 8th inning, allowing only 5 hits, 1 walk, and no runs.

In Fenway Park.

Boone Logan, David Robertson and Rafael Soriano completed the shutout. Yankees 2, Red Sox 0. WP: Hughes (15-12). SV: Soriano (38). LP: Doubront (10-9).

Two-nil! We beat The Scum, two-nil! We beat The Scum, two-nil! We beat The Scum, two-nil!


So, with 19 games to go, the Yankees and Orioles are still tied.

The Yankees start a 3-game home series with the Rays tonight:

Tonight, 7:00, the 2 aces, CC Sabathia vs. David Price.

Tomorrow, 4:00, Ivan Nova, just off the DL, vs. James Shields.

Sunday, 1:00, Hiroki Kuroda vs. Matt Moore.

The O's fly out to play the Oakland Athletics.  So while every series from here on out is key, all 3 AL East contenders are facing tough teams this weekend: The Yanks and Rays against each other, and the O's against another Playoff contender.


After the 2007 season, there was a trade rumor: The Yankees would send Phil Hughes and at least 2 other players, including one other pitching prospect, to the Minnesota Twins for Johan Santana. The Yankees refused to make the deal.

The Mets, on the other hand, sent 4 players to the Twins for Santana. Only 1 of those 4 has turned out to be a viable major leaguer, Philip Humber, and he isn't with the Twins anymore.

In 2007, without Santana, the Mets missed the Playoffs by 1 game. In 2008, with Santana, the Mets missed the Playoffs by 1 game. In spite of a very good season on his part, Santana made absolutely no difference for the Mets.

Since Opening Day 2009, Santana has made 75 appearances for the Mets, winning 30 games, and has battled injuries. The Mets have not had a winning season.

Since Opening Day 2009, Hughes has made 128 appearances for the Yankees, winning 46 games, and has become a reliable starter. The Yankees have made the Playoffs 3 times and look like a good bet for a 4th, and Hughes has already contributed to a World Series win.

Show of hands: How many of you would still make that Hughes (and others) for Santana trade?

Anyone who would is a damn fool.


Sully said...

As a fan of the Scum (and this is the worst Red Sox team we have seen in generations) I was 100% for trading Jon Lester and Jacoby Ellsbury for Johan Santana

Then again I was also 100% for signing Nomar to a long term deal, giving Pedro 3 years and keeping Manny... so what do I know?

Uncle Mike said...

Men paid much more than we are to make baseball deals have made dumber trades than either of these. I cringe when thinking that the Yankees thought about trading Mariano Rivera to the Mariners for Felix Fermin in spring training, because Tony Fernandez got hurt and they weren't sure about that rookie shortstop they had.

Of course, calling my teams' arch-rivals "The Scum" (I also do it for the New York Rangers) is something I picked up from English soccer.