Saturday, September 17, 2011

Casey Stengel Wants an Explanation for Boone Logan

Last night, East Brunswick High School's football team scored 32 points on the road and lost... to a weak Edison team, 40-32.

Vince Lombardi demands an explanation for this bullshit.

So I needed the Yankees to win last night, in Toronto against those pesky Blue Jays.

I didn't get it. CC Sabathia made a 2nd failed attempt to win his 20th game of the season. Eric Chavez hit his 2nd home run of the season in the 4th, but CC allowed 3 in the 5th to make it 4-3 Jays. The Yanks pulled one back in the 6th to tie it, but the Jays' bullpen got the next 10 Yanks out.

In the bottom of the 9th, with the game still tied 4-4, Joe Girardi brought in... Boone Logan. That's right, the completely useless (except, apparently, at Fenway Park) Boone Logan.
Casey Stengel demands an explanation for this bullshit.

The 1st batter Logan faced was Adam Lind, who doubled to right. Adam Loewen then pinch-ran for him.

The 2nd batter Logan faced was Brett Lawrie. Girardi called for an intentional walk. Not a bad move, as 1st base was open and it set up a double play, and it didn't move the winning run over.

The 3rd batter Logan faced was Colby Rasmus, who, with a runner on 2nd and nobody out, naturally (Shut up, Bud Abbott) laid down a sacrifice bunt. Give Logan credit: He tried the Andy Pettitte 1996 World Series Game 5 move, getting the lead runner out at 3rd. So now it's 1st and 2nd, 1 out.

Girardi takes out Logan, who is still responsible for the winning run on 2nd. He brings in Cory Wade.

The batter was Jose Molina, who hit the last home run in the old Yankee Stadium. Base hit to center, Lawrie scores.

Jays 5, Yankees 4. WP: Casey Janssen (5-0). LP: Logan (5-3).

How many games this season has Logan either let the winning run score, or put the winning run on base, or blown a lead, or set a lead up to be blown, or blown a save regardless of the ultimate result? Counting last night, 7:

1. April 5, home to Minnesota, lost in 10th.
2. May 7, at Texas, blew lead in 6th and was losing pitcher.
3. May 27, at Seattle, blew tie in 6th and was losing pitcher.
4. July 19, at Tampa Bay, blew save in 7th, although was not losing pitcher.
5. July 23, home to Oakland, turned 3-2 deficit into 4-2, Yanks lost 4-3.
6. September 6, home to Baltimore, blew save in 7th, although Yanks won anyway.
7. September 16, at Toronto, blew tie in 9th, was losing pitcher.

Even if you take away the blown save that turned into a Yankee win anyway, that's 6. If Logan only blows half of those, the Yankees would now be down to 3 to clinch a Playoff spot and 7 to clinch the Division.

Logan's Runs must stop.

Fortunately, the Yankees also played today.

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