Friday, September 24, 2010

Rays Drive Me

What a nasty loss for the Yankees last night. 10-3 to Tampa. I said this would be the key game of the season for the American League East, and the Yankees blew it. Gave the Strays a lifeline and momentum.

UPDATE: In 2017, I discovered that Donald Trump attended this game. Not a surprise, since he was a known Yankee fan. It sickens me that we root for the same team. In hindsight, I figure that his favorite sports team would be Dynamo Moscow.

Good ol' Maurice "Mo" Mentum. Great player, but you can't trust him. He tends to not honor his contracts, and jump from team to team.

Before this series, I said a split would be acceptable. We got that wrapped up in the first 2 games. I also said 3 out of 4 would be a virtual deathblow for the Rays. We couldn't do it, not with A.J. Burnett or CC Sabathia.

Nothing left to do but beat The Scum this weekend and next, and muss up the Pesky Blue Jays in between, and hope that one of those lousy teams the Deviled Eggs play gives us a little help.


Also, by the time the season premiere of The Mentalist aired on CBS, the Yankee game was a blowout nearly finished, so I had no problem watching it from the beginning.
Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon rule together -- I'm not sure I'd want to meet either of them separately, though. Then again, Lisbon is played by Robin Tunney, so... But that's a whole other matter entirely!

I also loved the season premiere of NCIS on Tuesday night, also on CBS. An ending right out of Greek tragedy: Leroy Jethro Gibbs busts up a Mexican drug lord's operation 20 years ago, so the drug lord kills Gibbs' wife and daughter; Gibbs kills the drug lord immediately thereafter; the drug lord's daughter, having taken over Papa's operation, and the drug lord's son, now Mexico's chief investigator into the drug trade (within the confines of the show, not in real life -- I hope!), thus giving his sister cover, team up to kill Gibbs and his father, they fail, and on their second attempt Gibbs tricks the brother into killing the sister. Poetic justice for the bastards.

When things looked bleak, Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard told Dr. Abby Sciuto about Winston Churchill's "Finest Hour" speech at the start of the Battle of Britain. Ducky is played by David McCallum, best known as Agent Ilya Kuryakin on the 1960s spy drama The Man From U.N.C.L.E. He should play Churchill. He'd have to wear a bald-wig, but he could do it. He's about the right age to play a wartime Winston, he can alter his Scottish brogue to do the voice, and we know he's got the acting chops.
I know they're on different networks, but we have got to have a crossover between NCIS and Fox's Bones. They're set in the same city, Washington, D.C. Both investigate murders. McGee and Bones would make a good couple. DiNozzo and Angela are made for each other: They're both so horny, neither would care how shallow the other is (well, Angela's not as shallow as DiNozzo, but who is), and as somebody I know pointed out, they would have the most beautiful children. I'm not sure if I could set up Abby and Sweets, but that would be better than Ziva and Sweets, because Ziva would kill him. Probably be doing the rest of the Bones cast a favor. And I would love to hear the banter between Ducky and Bones.
UPDATE: Angela, played by Michaela Conlin, ended up with Dr. Jack Hodgins, played by T.J. Thyne. Both Thyne and Tamara Taylor, who played Dr. Camille Saroyan, made guest appearances on NCIS. And, of course, Bones and FBI Agent Seeley Booth, played by David Boreanaz, ended up together.

On the NCIS season premiere, when DiNozzo looked like he was in trouble with Director Vance, he said, "How about those Washington Nationals?"

I add that just to get back on topic. Time to beat The Scum.

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