Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ow-Rod, but Pena & CC Come Through

5-2! We beat The Scum 5-2! We beat The Scum 5-2! We beat The Scum 5-2!

We even got 2 RBIs from Ramiro Pena, filling in at 3rd base for Alex Rodriguez. Fortunately, unlike the game I went to in Baltimore, A-Rod did not start the game and then have to leave, putting Pena in the 4th spot in the batting order. Everybody moved up, so it was Derek Jeter, Nick Swisher, Mark Teixeira, Robinson Cano, Jorge Posada, Lance Berkman DHing, Curtis Granderson, Brett Gardner, and Pena; instead of the usual Jeter, Swish, Teix, A-Rod, Cano, Posada, Grandy, DH (Francisco Cervelli catching if Posada is DHing), Gardner.

And why wasn't A-Rod playing? Why was he hurt? Because he got hit in batting practice.

How the flying fuck do you get hit in batting practice? How bad does your batting-practice pitcher have to be? Huh? Did we re-sign Kyle Farnsworth or something? Nope, A-Rod was fielding in BP, and was hit by a line drive from Berkman.

If "the old George Steinbrenner" -- instead of the elderly George -- was running the Yankees now, Berkman would now be playing in Columbus (or Scranton, where the Yanks' current top farm team is). I wonder if anybody in the Yankee organization ever called Ohio's capital city "Siberia."

Pena came through, Grandy had an RBI triple, CC Sabathia pitched well and got his 150th career victory (against just 86 losses, 150-86 is damn good for a guy who just turned 30, especially in the five-man-rotation era) to improve to 14-5 on the season, and the Yankees beat the Red Sox, 5-2.

Tonight, the inconsistent A.J. Burnett against Super Punk Josh Beckett in the Sunday night ESPN Game of the Week. However, as bad as Burnett has been, 9-9, he actually has a lower ERA than Beckett, who's been hurt, and while he's 3-1, his ERA is 5.70 compared to Burnett's 4.93.

Since the game is on ESPN, be prepared for the usual Yankee-hating crap from Joe Morgan. Greatest second baseman I ever saw, but his broadcasting makes me want to listen to former soccer star turned announcer Andy Gray massacre the language with his Scottish brogue.

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