Monday, June 8, 2009

Feeling Like Kids Again

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when the Yankees were comeback kids. Now, even the veterans feel like kids again.

Hey, I feel like a kid again, too: All those years of drinking sugar-loaded Pepsi have left me with 20 teeth.

But enough about that: Back to the New York Yankees. I'd love to believe that this team is performing like a champion. For the moment, they are.

Of course, there's always the elephant in the room, which is, "How is Alex Rodriguez, the Great Sham-bino, going to blow it for the Yankees this time?" (Note that I called him that well before I knew he was a steroid user and a lying bastard about it.)

Well, so far, he isn't blowing it for them. Instead, for the first time, he's actually making a teammate better. It's Mark Teixeira, who, after a tough start is, right now, the (lower-case) most valuable player in the American League.

Right now, the Yankees are clicking on all cylinders, which is good, because this could very well be the defining stretch of the season: Nine games, at home for defending Pennant winners Tampa Bay, 3 games on the road against The Scum, and 3 games at home against The Other Team.

Winning at least 6 out of 9 is, I believe, essential. So far, we've gotten 2 out of 3, meaning 4 out of 6 to go. Considering the way both the Red Sox and the Mets have been playing, I'm a little optimistic.

Then again, this is the Sox, 1 of 2 teams who've really had the Yankees' number since 2004. (The other is the Whatever They're Calling Themselves This Year Angels of Anaheim, and in their case it's been for even longer.) So they really need to step up, and do one of the things that great Yankee teams have always done to prove their greatness, which is turn Fenway Park into a little green pinball machine.

Shred the Sox!

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