Monday, June 22, 2009

"Everybody Sucks!"

Looks like I hit another nerve.

To Stanley C.: The error you cited has been corrected.

Now, on to "local fan," who posted, "Boy are you a whiny bitch. Get over the fact that all your money did not buy a title. Suck on that."

At the rate your team is going, you won't be able to buy tickets to a major league game, and that'll have nothing to do with how much money you have. Unless, of course, you want to drive all the way to St. Petersburg. That is, if the Rays stay. If they have to move, too, you may have to go all the way to...

Atlanta? Oh, yuck.

Is that what it takes to get any kind of response? First I insulted Penn State (and they deserved it), now Miami.

Atlanta is a lousy sports town.

Dallas sucks. (Except for the Mavericks. I like Mark Cuban.) Especially the Cowboys. And Tim Cowlishaw's homerism.

Boston, as has been said before, is full of Chowdaheads. We don't even know who the truly loyal fans are anymore. We used to, but now it sure looks like it's all frontrunners. As they say in English soccer, "Where were you when you were shit?"

It reminds me of the yell from the Yankee Stadium Bleachers -- back when they were still at the real Yankee Stadium:

"Yankee Baseball! Mets suck! (current opposing team's name) sucks! (opposing team's right fielder, as he was the closest player) sucks! Box seats suck! Everybody sucks!"

Including ourselves, Creatures? They're dedicated fans, but sometimes they go a little too far.

No, not everybody sucks. But there sure are a lot of people who piss me off.

Did I mention Joe Paterno is a rat-faced hypocrite?

Anyway, after a lackluster series in Miami -- or is Joe Robbie/Pro Player/Dolphin/Land Shark Stadium in Miami Lakes? Or Opa-Locka? -- the Yankees have the day off, and then... visit Atlanta.


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