Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And Just Like That...

The 2009 New York Yankees have no heart. They have no sense of pride. They have no awareness of drama, of knowing that there is a clutch situation in front of them and they must come through. And Alex Rodriguez getting healthy isn't going to change that. Come on, let's be honest: A healthy A-Rod wouldn't have made a damn bit of difference this weekend, because we know he turns into the $275 Million Bum when the lights get bright.

That was me, on April 27. By May 18, I was able to type, "The Fun Is Back In The Bronx." The Yankees had found their heart.

The Pinstripers were running like a finely tuned machine. They were the Bronx Bombers again. They were flashing leather in the field. They were pitching like the David Cone-led rotation of old. They were beating good teams, taking two of three or even sweeping. Minnesota. Toronto. Texas. Tampa Bay.

Hope was in the air, going into this week's three-game series in Boston against The Scum. The Yankees were in first place, one game ahead of said Scum.

And just like that... It's all over.

One hit off Super Punk Beckett in 6 innings. Two hits for the game. A.J. Burnett got knocked around. David Ortiz went back on his steroids -- or maybe he just need to hit agianst the Yankees again -- and hit another home run off us. Boston 7, New York 0.

It took three weeks to go from "The Yankees have no heart" to "The fun is back in The Bronx." Let's hope it takes considerably less time for this next paragraph to turn around:

It's over. The Yankees' 2009 season is over. They have no chance. They may get the Wild Card, but they can't beat the Red Sox. Forget it. No Pennant this year. Against the Red Sox, they have no heart, no drive, no will to win. They're a bunch of useless bastards.

They've got two games left in this series to turn that sentence around. If they don't, then this last month or so, filled with drama and success and hope for more, will have been a waste, and they will have proven themselves to be useless bastards.

Come on. Let's get in gear and beat The Scum!

UPDATE: Reverse jinx?

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