Friday, August 22, 2008

Now Pitching for the Yankees... John McCain?

Blue Jays 14, Yankees 3. Sidney Ponson didn't get an out in the 3rd. Roy Halladay again made the Yank bats look pathetic.

I'm beginning to understand how John McCain feels. Every time it looks like we've turned a corner, I'm ready to "declare that victory is at hand" and tell anyone that says otherwise that they're "hurting the troops."

Then something happens like last night, the baseball equivalent of a car bomb in Baghdad taking out 70 people, and it proves we're no closer to "victory" than we were before the surge.

At least the Yankees know what "victory" means, which is more than McCain has told us.

Come to think of it, right now, the Yankees are aging, we're not sure who's really in charge, their economic plans are highly questionable, and we're aren't really sure how many "houses" they have.

Meanwhile, the big Red enemy is flexing its muscles again. And there's this upstart kid with no experience under pressure leading everybody, saying, "Yes we can, yes we can." (That's the Rays.)

Not sure who the Hillary equivalent would be, but then, was she ever really a Yankee Fan?

(The photo is from earlier in the year, when the Yanks played the Oakland Athletics. Both managers were former Yankee catchers: Joe Girardi and Bob Geren. I was at this game, and it was my last time inside the old Stadium.)

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