Friday, August 22, 2008

Come On, Baby, Light the Yanks' Fire

I'm taking the unprecedented step of two entries in this blog in one day.

So many Yankee Fans I know are saying that somebody needs to "light a fire under the Yankees."

So what would light a fire under this team? If a 2nd Red Sox title in 4 years didn't do it, what would? The Other Team winning one? Yeah, that's not gonna happen as long as the front office is dumb and the players are immature and/or injury-prone.

Sending down Melky Cabrera should have sent a message. So far, not received. Send down Robinson Cano? Bench somebody? Fire coaches?

Something has to be done, before it really is too late.

It's not, yet. We play Baltimore. Boston is in Toronto, although they won't face Halladay. (Thanks a lot, you useless hosers.) And Tampa is in Chicago to play the White Sox, a very good team. Games can be gained this weekend, and some hope can be restored. Mussina goes tonight, and he's been the best starting pitcher in New York this season.

So let's get some hits and runs, and do what we usually do in Baltimore: Turn Camden Yards into Yankee Stadium South.

(Like I said in the last entry, the John McCain analogy applies: We're not sure how many "houses" we have.)

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