Monday, August 11, 2008

Credit the Opposition? No, Chew Out Your Own Team!

So the Yankees get 2 strong starting pitching performances. And they were within 1 run in all 3 games. And yet they not only lost all 3, but got blown out in the first 2.

I could just credit the Los Angeles Angels of Katella Boulevard, Anaheim, Orange County, California, etc., etc., etc.... for being a smart, tough, talented team that knows how to win and shows a lot of character and have earned the consensus pick as the team that has the best chance to win this year's World Series. Certainly, they earned these 3 games. Certainly, they were at home. Certainly, for as long as I can remember, the Yankees have had trouble winning in Anaheim Stadium. (Or whatever they're calling it this year. Will you guys pick a name for your team and a name for your stadium and stick with it?)

Yes, I could credit the Angels.

To hell with crediting the opposition. I've got to do what Joe Girardi is already doing, and what Hank Steinbrenner needs to do, since it's worked 3 times already this season: Chew out my team!

The Yankees need to start hitting like Yankees. Jason Giambi was on a hot streak, but he's tailing off a little, and swinging at some truly awful pitches. It needs to stop.

Derek Jeter is stuck in the .280s, and while that's good, "good" is not good enough. Time to step up and lead, "Captain."

Bobby Abreu is falling into the trap of last year: When he hits, we win; when he doesn't, we lose. Bobby, if you want to be here next year, start hitting in the rest of this year.

Wilson Betemit has got to go: He has given the Yanks very little since he arrived.

The key, of course, is the $275 Million Man. At the risk of sounding like a scene from that horror film Fever Pitch...

Alex, I already know I like August Guy, but you're turning into October Guy again, and I don't like you as October Guy. I want you to play like August Guy all season long, including in October. But in order to get to October, you need to stop hitting like a guy who's got 543 career home runs (i.e. is nearing the end of a glorious career) and start hitting like a guy who's got something to prove -- which, in case you've forgotten, Mr. Ciccone-in-training, you do.

The Yankees move on to Minnesota to play 3 against the Twins, who are in the thick of the AL Central and Wild Card races despite having traded The Great Johan Santana to the Mutts and having pretty much lost Nelson Liriano to injury again. I am really impressed with them, and while the Yankees are one of the few teams that seems to play well in the Metrodome, we've got Sidney Ponson going tonight.

Your Uncle Mike tells you that Sidney Ponson is like a box of chocolates: He can be delicious, or he can be messy and nuts. The Twins have Glen Perkins, who I never heard of before, but he's 8-3 and doesn't walk guys. I'm not feeling it today.

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