Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Yankees Lose Interleague Slugfest to Collapsed Phillies

From the opening of Citizens Bank Park in 2004 until 2011, losing to the Philadelphia Phillies was not, all by itself, a big deal.

Losing, yes; but losing specifically to the Phillies, not really. After all, they were a good team, coming close to qualifying for the Playoffs in 2004, '05 and '06; winning the National League Eastern Division in 2007; winning the World Series in 2008; winning another Pennant in 2009, but losing the World Series to the Yankees; and winning the NL East again in 2010 and '11.

Then, like the Yankees in 1965, they got old and hurt at the same time, in a hurry. They've been terrible ever since.

Naturally, the desiccated husk of the Phillies has given the Mets trouble the last few years, even after the rivalry that was built between them from 2005 to 2008 has fallen apart.

Last night, though, they came in to play an Interleague season against the Yankees.

Just as Masahiro Tanaka got shelled the day before, so too did Michael Pineda get rocked last night. Not that the Yankees didn't give him runs: They gave him 5 over the 1st 4 innings. But he allowed 8. Joe Girardi didn't help matters by bringing Chris Capuano in to relieve. This is like having a patient who needs brain surgery, and the world's greatest brain surgeon makes a mistake, and you bring in Hannibal Lecter.

Brett Gardner hit his 8th home run for the Yankees, and Brian McCann his 11th. But Maikel Franco went 4-for-5 with 2 homers and 5 RBIs. This was a Phillies team without any of their 2007-11 mini-dynasty, except Ryan Howard and Chase Utley, who went a combined 1-for-9, and we still lost.

Phillies 11, Yankees 8. WP: Jake Diekman (2-1 -- no, I'd never heard of him before, either). No save. LP: Pineda (8-4).

The series continues tonight, with CC Sabathia starting against Sean O'Sullivan.

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