Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tanaka Dazzles Sox, Pujols Hits 500th Homer

Yankee Fans have been saying that Masahiro Tanaka has been the find of the season so far.

Red Sox fans have been saying that he hasn't faced a good team yet.

I guess he still hasn't. But he has faced the Red Sox.

He pitched into the 8th inning last night, the opening of a 3-game series at Fenway Park, and with the exception of 2 solo homers in the 4th inning -- one by David Ortiz, the big fat lying cheating bastard, and one by Mike Napoli -- he was dazzling. Dellin Betances went the rest of the way. Totals for Yankee pitching on the night: 9 innings, 3 runs, 9 hits, no walks, 9 strikeouts.

Again, Yankee pitching keeping the walk total low. I could get used to this.

And did the Yankees once again turn Fenway into a pinball machine? Indeed, they did. Only one home run was hit, by Carlos Beltran (in the 8th, his 5th), but it was one of 15 hits by the Bronx Bombers. Brian McCann had 3. Jacoby Ellsbury (booed like hell in his first game back in Boston, although the Sox put a nice tribute video on their board before the game), Derek Jeter (also booed like hell), Beltran, Ichiro Suzuki and Brian Roberts each got 2 hits. Alfonso Soriano and Mark Teixeira each got one. Jeter, Beltran and Ellsbury each had 2 RBIs.

The only Yankee starter who didn't get a hit was 3rd baseman Yangervis Solarte, going 0-for-5 with 3 strikeouts, but he made a nice play in the field.

Yankees 9, Red Sox 3. WP: Tanaka (3-0). No save. LP: Jon Lester (2-3).

With the win, the Yankees go to 12-8 on the season, leading the American League Eastern Division, a game ahead of the Toronto Blue Jays, 2 ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays, 2 1/2 ahead of the Baltimore Orioles, and 3 1/2 ahead of the Sox.

The Yankees' winning percentage is an even .600. If they continue at that pace, they'll win 97 games.

Currently, the best record in baseball belongs to the Milwaukee Brewers, 15-6, .714. The worst belongs to the Arizona Diamondbacks, 5-18, .217.


Playing for the Whatever They're Calling Themselves This Season Angels of Anaheim, Albert Pujols hit his 499th and 500th career home runs last night, at Nationals Park in Washington -- a rare historical moment for one of baseball's newest ballparks. The Angels beat the Nationals, 5-2.

Here's how the all-time home run list looks at the moment, with every player with at least 400. Players currently on an MLB team's active roster (not including A-Rod) are in bold. Players who are known to have been caught using performance-enhancing drugs are in italics. (Some of the others listed here may be suspected, but suspicion is not evidence, let alone proof.)

Barry Bonds 762
Hank Aaron 755
Babe Ruth 714
Willie Mays 660
Alex Rodriguez 654
Ken Griffey Jr. 630
Jim Thome 612
Sammy Sosa 609
Frank Robinson 586
Mark McGwire 583
Harmon Killebrew 573
Rafael Palmeiro 569
Reggie Jackson 563
Manny Ramirez 555
Mike Schmidt 548
Mickey Mantle 536
Jimmie Foxx 534
Ted Williams 521
Willie McCovey 521
Frank Thomas 521
Eddie Mathews 512
Ernie Banks 512
Mel Ott 511
Gary Sheffield 509
Eddie Murray 504
Albert Pujols 500
Lou Gehrig 493
Fred McGriff 493
Stan Musial 475
Willie Stargell 475
Carlos Delgado 473
Chipper Jones 468
Dave Winfield 465
Jose Canseco 462
Carl Yastrzemski 452
Jeff Bagwell 449
Vladimir Guerrero 449
Adam Dunn 443
Dave Kingman 442
Andre Dawson 438
Jason Giambi 438 (Yes, he's still playing)
David Ortiz 435
Paul Konerko 434
Juan Gonzalez 434
Andruw Jones 434
Cal Ripken 431
Mike Piazza 427 (Like I said, suspicion is not evidence)
Billy Williams 426
Darrell Evans 414
Alfonso Soriano 410
Duke Snider 407

500: 26, but no more than 20 did so honestly. 1 is active (2 if you count A-Rod).
400: 51, but no more than 41 did so honestly. 6 are active (7 if you count A-Rod).

We are supposed to presume that Pujols got to 500 without using PEDs. We are also supposed to forget that Ortiz got to 435 with them.

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