Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tim Tebow? On the J-E-T-S-Jets-Jets-Jets?!?

This is one for the What-the-Hell File.

Tim Tebow? The new Christian gentleman of sport?

In New York? The ultimate "What have you done for me lately?" town?

It's not going to be like Jeremy Lin: As popular as Lin has gotten, he's not The Man on the Knicks. Carmelo Anthony is. He's not even the man The Man counts on, that's Amare Stoudemire. If Lin has a bad game, so what? There are two All-Stars who can pick up the slack.

In football, if the quarterback has a bad game, the team usually loses, and the quarterback gets raked over the coals.

Putting Tebow in New York will be like putting a 2-month-old kitten in a junkyard. With a junkyard dog. And I don't mean Hercules from The Sandlot, either: I mean "The Beast" that Smalls and the gang thought Hercules was!

Of course, that film had a character nicknamed "Benny the Jet" -- and it took place in 1962, long before Reginald Dwight become Elton John, let alone recorded "Bennie and the Jets."

Buh buh buh Bennie and the Jetssssssss. Dink, dink, did-ink, DONK!


I don't get it. Why are the Jets getting Tebow? There are a lot of teams that need a good quarterback, but the Jets aren't one of them. They have Mark Sanchez.

Is this move supposed to scare Sanchez into fighting for his job? A fat guy who can't throw? Is going to intimdate a USC quarterback? Who took the ever-lovin' New York Jets, of all teams, to 2 AFC title games? Who's already beaten Peyton Manning in Indianapolis, Philip Rivers in San Diego, AND Tom Brady in Foxboro? All in January? Okay, he hasn't beaten Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh in January yet... But neither has Tebow. And Sanchez has beaten Brady in Foxboro in January. Tebow hasn't done that in any month.

Yes, yes, I know: Tebow has beaten Sanchez and the Jets in December. Well, guess what: Tebow is on the Jets now, and if he plays against the Denver Broncos, he won't be opposing Tim Tebow. He'll be opposing Peyton Manning.

In today's Washington Post, Tracee Hamilton titled her column, "Tim Tebow and the Jets: What could possibly go wrong?"

It's the Jets. It's Murphy's Law: Anything that can go wrong, will.

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Felix said...

Great comment about Tim Tebow being the two month old kitten in a junkyard. This move baffles me. I think its going to turn out disasterous for all involved.