Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Era of Big Rutgers Is Over

Greg Schiano has accepted the position of head coach of the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

This means he is no longer the head football coach at Rutgers University.

He got Rutgers to 7 bowl games in 8 years, winning 6 of them -- but never one of the traditional New Year's Day bowl games, now called Bowl Championship Series games. And to the brink of 2 Big East Conference Championships -- but didn't win either of them.

Now, having gotten Rutgers that far, and no farther, he's gone, to Tampa Bay, the land of nice weather (if you don't mind humidity, hurricanes and mosquitoes) and bad football (at least at the professional level).

Now, Rutgers needs a new coach. Can they possibly lure one as good as Schiano? I don't think so.

The Era of Big Rutgers is over.

And now, Greg is gone, leaving Rutgers behind as if he were Newt Gingrich going after a younger wife.

I hope he doesn't expect us to say, "Thank you."

UPDATE: This article looks pretty dumb in the fall of 2012, doesn't it?

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