Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yanks Salvage Against S.S. Mariner

After losing 7-4 to Cliff Lee and 7-0 to Felix Hernandez, the Yankees beat the Seattle Mariners this afternoon, 4-2 at The Stadium II.

Robinson Cano hit his 16th homer (Number 103 for his career) in the 4th, but the M's tied the game in the 8th, ruining CC Sabathia's shutout. But in the bottom of the 8th, Alex Rodriguez hit his 12th homer (Number 595 for his career), thrilling 45,591 fans in the yard (not to mention generating a few Squawks on the Internet), for the 4-2 final score, as Mariano Rivera came in to notch his 18th save (Number 543 for his career, still 53 behind all-time leader Trevor Hoffman, who nonetheless now appears to be finished).

The Toronto Blue Jays come into town tomorrow. Today is Canada Day, the anniversary of Canada's independence in 1867. Like the Yankees care. Although it is going to be interesting to see the Yankees play a non-U.S. team on July 4, the anniversary of America's independence in 1776.

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