Friday, July 2, 2010

Chan Ho Has Got to Go

A.J. Burnett pitched well today, ending his streak of 5 consecutive lost starts. But in the 11th inning, David Robertson got in trouble. And then Joe Girardi brought in Chan Ho Park.

Those of you who had flashbacks to Joe Torre bringing in Scott Proctor, or Kyle Farnsworth, join the club. In fact, there's dues. The money will go toward buying out Park's contract.

The top of the 11th became one of those innings from hell. Toronto Blue Jays 6, Yankees 1.

Chan Ho Park was 18-10 for the Los Angeles Dodgers. That was 10 years ago. He is now 37 years old, and has an ERA of 6.48 -- an ERA+ of 63. For his career, his ERA+ of 97.

Chan Ho has got to go. Before he turns what is still, for the moment, a 1st-place Yankee team into a team that has to fight to get back into first place.

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