Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thank You, Kyle Farnsworth!

Yankees 4, Kansas City Royals 3. The Yanks went into the bottom of the 9th down 3-2. But Kyle Farnsworth was brought out for the Royals. The same Kerosene Kyle, Not a Darn's Worth, who'd screwed the Yankees over so many times. And this time, he blew it in the Yankees' favor.

Yee freakin' haw!

This was the 102nd win of the season for the Yankees. Is the number of wins in the regular season meaningful?

1998: The Yankees won 114 games, which was an American League record until 2001. Won the World Series.

1927: 110 wins, which was an AL record until 1954. Won the World Series.

1961: 109 wins, the most wins by a New York team between 1927 and 1998 -- the Mets have never topped it, topping out at 108 wins in 1986. Won the World Series.

1932: 107 wins. Won the World Series.

1939: 106 wins. Won the World Series. This matches the Giants' top win total in New York, in 1904, but they chickened out and wouldn't play the World Series. The Dodgers' top win total in New York was 105, in 1953, but they lost the World Series with the Yankees.

1963: 104 wins. But lost the World Series to the Dodgers.

2002: 103 wins. But lost the Division Series to the Whatever They Were Calling Themselves That Year Angels of Anaheim.

1980: 103 wins. But lost the American League Championship Series to the Royals.

1954: 103 wins. But finished second to the Cleveland Indians, whose 111 wins stood as the AL record until 1998.

1942: 103 wins. But lost the World Series to the St. Louis Cardinals.

1937: 102 wins. Won the World Series.

1936: 102 wins. Won the World Series.

2009: 102 wins, with 4 left to play. Postseason result to be determined.

I want this title. With all due respect to other teams with a chance, screw 'em. I want this one. Badly.

And, hey, if Kyle Farnsworth can screw up a game in our favor for once, anything is possible!

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