Friday, September 25, 2009

9-5! We Beat The Scum, 9-5!

9-5! We beat The Scum, 9-5! We beat The Scum, 9-5! We beat The Scum, 9-5!

I'm glad Jon Lester wasn't hurt as bad as was feared. But I'm also glad we beat him. I don't care how great his story is, he's Red Scum and he has to lose.

Looks like the Yankees listened to me: They let Joba Chamberlain pitch like a man and he made monkeys out of the Sox. And we hit them.

And how about A-Rod, getting -- gasp! and in a good way -- clutch hits against the Sox! Good to see that in September. Keep it up for another five weeks, Alex, we only need it for another five weeks.

The Magic Number to clinch the AL East is down to 3. We can still clinch on Sunday afternoon. Let's do it!


What a game at Jay Doyle Field tonight. East Brunswick came into the Middlesex County Game of the Week ranked Number 4 in the Home News Tribune rankings, and Monroe came in at Number 3. They took a 14-0 lead on us. We came back to make it 20-14. But in the 4th quarter, they took a 21-20 lead. Tyler Yonchiuk kicked a 44-yard field goal with 1:30 to go, and Da Bears won, 23-21. Best regular-season game in East Brunswick in about 20 years.

My voice is shot, and I don't know how I'm going to cheer for Arsenal at Lucky Bar in D.C. and Rutgers in College Park tomorrow.

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