Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Disaster at the Prudential: Devils Eliminated

A truly ignominious evening. The Yankees won 11-0, got a masterful performance from Phil Hughes, one of last year's disasters turning it around, and I don't even care.

Devils 3, Hurricanes 2, with 1:20 to go in regulation. And then, bing, bing, Hurricanes 4, Devils 3, season over.

The Devils' poor defense let them down again. Not having Scott Niedermayer anymore probably didn't make a difference -- he might be done as a productive player -- but not having Brian Rafalski back there may have been critical. Thanks for not opening the vault, Lou Lamoriello, you cheap bald twat!

But, ultimately, the Hurricanes have to be given credit. Their experience, their toughness, and their resolve led them to win. They deserved it. But they're still bastards.

And I won't whine about not getting calls. That failure to call goaltending interference at the end of that Game 4 disaster wouldn't have happened if the Devils had played a competent defense. We lost it for ourselves, and blaming the refs is the mark of an ignorant fan.

At least the Devils outlasted the Rangers... by half an hour. We choked away 3 games to 2 with Game 7 at home, they choked away three games to one with Game 6 at home. We're disgraceful, but the Broadway Boozehounds remain pathetic.

So now I fall back on Yankee fandom, and say that I hope the Stanley Cup is won by ABB: Anybody But Boston.


"Nutball Gazette" said...

That was as stunning of a loss as I ever saw. I agree with you
Win the Cup ABB,

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