Friday, July 25, 2008

Good Trade, Better Win vs. BoSox

Ross Ohlendorf is gone? You know the old saying: "Great trade! Who'd we get?"

Ohlendorf gone: Good.

Jose Tabata gone: Not impressed with him, though he could probably start for the Pittsburgh Pirates right now, a far cry from the team whose outfield has had, at various times in its history, Jake Beckley, Fred Clarke, Paul Waner, Lloyd Waner, Ralph Kiner, Roberto Clemente, Bill Virdon, Richie Zisk, Dave Parker, Barry Bonds (when he was skinny, honest and good) and Brian Giles. The other two guys: Why should Yankee Fans care?

Xavier Nady: An OK player, but now he's got a chance that he didn't have as a Met: The chance to win a Pennant in New York.

Damaso Marte: If he does for the Yanks what he did for the Pirates, it's a good trade. Joel Sherman of the Post was right when he spoke on Channel 9 after the game: If this trade does what the Yankees expect, and all they gave up was four guys they won't miss, then it's the Yanks who were the "pirates."

Of course, in the 8th tonight, once again, Kyle Farm-him-out made me wish he was the one who'd been traded. But Mo got a 5-out save. That might mean he can't go tomorrow... So we'll just have to be leading by more than 3 runs in the 9th.

Joba provided the high cheese, and Kevin Youkilis provided the whine. Shut up, Red Sox: You bums have plunked our guys plenty of times. If Joba really wanted to hurt you, he would have hurt you. Mike Lowell, it was a perfect pitch. In case you didn't notice, it was from Mariano Rivera, the best pitcher you'll ever see.

Of the 3 games in this series, this is the one I wanted the most. I wanted to beat that punk Beckett. Actually, he was really solid tonight. The reason he lost is that Jason Giambi finally figured out that the shift can be beaten. No one to blame for this loss, Sox fans: The better team won. Not by much, but by enough.

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