Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yankees and Tigers Ready to Rumble In Decider

Game 5 tonight at The Stadium. Ivan Nova against Doug Fister.

As Ray Davies would have said if he'd been a baseball fan...

Well, I'm not dumb, but I can't understand why some people wanted Cliff Lee instead of this man, Ivan Nova... No-no-no-no-nova... No-no-no-no-nova...

If the Yankees lose, I'll be really ticked off. But I wouldn't have any problems with the Tigers going on to win the World Series. Especially if they can beat those inbred Texas bastards and those equally redneck Arizonans, or that right-wing asshole Bill DeWitt's Cardinals, to do it. (But I'd take either the Phillies or the Brewers over the Tigers.)

If the Yankees win, bring on the Strangers. Because, regardless of the sport, regardless of the country...


Especially if they wear blue shirts.

My prediction? The bats are working again. Nova's on the mound. Robertson and Rivera are rested. We've got the New York crowd.

The Yankees will win.

Let's get ready to rumble.

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