Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'm Not Ready for Baseball

It's only March 6. I'm not ready for baseball yet.

Clearly, neither are the Yankees. They got embarrassed 9-1 by Toronto today.

Forget it, it's only the first week of spring training games. Or, as the late, great Billy Martin would have said, "It's an exhibition game, George, it doesn't mean anything!"

I guess I still want to bask in the glow of last October. And November. The most recent Yankee season was a great one, and I'm not yet ready to add one on to it.

Last night, the Devils weren't ready for hockey. Led 1-0 after one period in Calgary, then the Flames burned us for 5. Oy vey. That rest that Martin Brodeur got during the Olympics didn't do much good, did it?

The night before, the Rangers played Pittsburgh, and guess who scored? Chris Drury. Yeah, sure, now! Guess who didn't score? Sidney Crosby. The little schmuck. And guess what: The Scum lost anyway, blowing a 3rd period lead! RANGERS SUCK!

Nets still stuck on 6 wins. Come on you bums, 4 more.

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