Friday, September 12, 2008

Scarlet With Embarrassment

Losing to North Carolina by 32 points at home is embarrassing, but not all that unexpected. In basketball.

In football, it's a disgrace. Carolina has a good team, but 44-12 at home is unacceptable.

This has been a really bad year for me, in sports. All my teams have stunk up the joint. Rutgers is 0-2 and may not make another bowl game. The Yankees are having a year that many would love to have, but is unacceptable by Pinstripe standards. The Devils got embarrassed by their arch-rivals -- or, more accurately, they embarrassed themselves and let their rivals take advantage. The Nets... why do I even bother with them anymore? And just as I became an Arsenal supporter, they went and lost to... Fulham?

And tonight, Dear Old Alma Mater kicks off their season. East Brunswick celebrates the school's 50th Anniversary with the start of their 48th season of varsity football. We're now an old school, with the kind of history I used to envy in others.

They play at Sayreville. They're playing a neighboring school, just a mile and a half from my office. It'll be easier for me to get there straight from work than it would be if it was from home to our own field.

Our team is like the Democrats: We don't have a lot of experience, but we've got an interesting quarterback. Our opponents are like the Republicans: They've got plenty of experience, but their stadium is old and crumbling, and their cheerleaders ain't nearly as hot as they think they are, and their band sucks. And they've beaten us the last 3 seasons. (The difference, though, is that, unlike the Democrats against the Republicans, we beat these guys in 2004.)

We have to prove that more of the same isn't good enough.


Days until East Brunswick plays again: 7.

Days until Rutgers plays again: 8.

Days until the last regular-season game at Yankee Stadium: 9. (10 home games left, The Last Homestand.)

Days until the Yankees' season ends: 17. (Barring a miracle.)

Days until the Devils drop the puck: 28.

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