Monday, December 3, 2007

This Trade Idea Makes Me Sick

I'm sick. Major cold. From the nose up my head feels like a rock.

Not a word, Met fans! At least I still root for the right team!

Anyway... or should that be "Andyway"... Pettitte coming back for one more year? Good!

Trading prospects for a pitcher who may already be on the way down due to too many innings too soon, and whom we've already beaten in the Playoffs, when we faced Minnesota? Bad!

Keep Phil Hughes. Keep Melky Cabrera. Keep everyone else. Keep the team we closed 2007 with, with a bad smell but still considerable hope, intact. Tell Carl Pohlad, the Minnesota Twins' parsimonious centenarian billionaire, what he can go do with himself.

Let the Red Sox trade their future for Johan Santana. They'll end up with a rotation of a declining Santana, a finished, injury-prone Crybaby Curt Schilling, an inconsistent Josh Beckett (great in odd-numbered years, not so much in even-numbered years, which next year is), an ancient Tim Wakefield, and... not Jon Lester, he's supposedly part of the package... Clay Buchholz, who might be yet another no-hitter-throwing flash-in-the-pan? From what I hear, he's gonna have to be part of the package, too.

Let the Sox make that trade. Anybody who's afraid of anybody in that rotation is too timid to be a fan of any New York team.

Trading Hughes, Melky and someone else for Santana... I need that like I need a hole in the head.

Actually, I need 2 new holes in my head, to drain these sinuses...

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