Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Big Premiere

I'm way behind the times. It's taken me this long to get a blog going. Anyway, here I am.

This blog will contain analysis intended to be serious, jokes intended to be funny, and maybe a surprise or two. As Ed Koch, former Mayor of New York (a man I won't normally quote, since I stopped liking him years ago) would say, "If you agree with me on nine out of twelve issues, that's good. If you agree with me on twleve out of twelve, there's something wrong." It would mean you're not thinking for yourself.

This blog will mainly be about my favorite teams: In baseball, the New York Yankees; in hockey, the New Jersey Devils; in basketball, the New Jersey Nets; in college sports, Rutgers University. I don't really have a favorite football team.

(EDIT: This was before I got into English soccer, and started supporting North London-based Arsenal F.C. It was also before the Nets made their move to Brooklyn official, leading me to give them up.)

This blog is dedicated to the past, to my grandparents, George and Grace, who taught me to love the games, and that you don't have to be high-class to be classy; in fact, many who claim class have very little.

And dedicated to the future, to my nieces Ashley and Rachel, and hopefully to any cousins they might have, and to their mother, whoever she turns out to be. She doesn't have to be a Yankee Fan, she just has to be able to put up with one. In other words, built like Cindy Crawford but rooting for the Mets or Red Sox, out; built like Rosie O'Donnell but rooting for the Yankees, worthy of consideration.

Anyway, someday, Ashley, Rachel, and the hoped-for child (or children) of my own will be able to read this blog. So I'd better make it good, because chances are, they'll be at least as smart as I am. At least.

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