Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My 2012 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions

Conference Quarterfinals
New York Rangers over Ottawa Senators (not that I want it)
Washington Capitals over Boston Bruins (biggest 1st-round upset)
New Jersey Devils over Florida Panthers (upset by seeding, if not by points total)
Pittsburgh Penguins over Philadelphia Flyers (in soccer this would be called "the Penn Derby")
Vancouver Canucks over Los Angeles Kings
St. Louis Blues over San Jose Sharks
Chicago Blackhawks over Phoenix Coyotes (upset)
Detroit Red Wings over Nashville Predators (upset)

Conference Semifinals
Washington over New York (upset, denies Devils chance at beating The Scum)
Pittsburgh over New Jersey (I wish otherwise, but who's kidding who?)
Vancouver over Chicago
Detroit over St. Louis (upset)

Conference Finals
Washington over Pittsburgh
Vancouver over Detroit

Stanley Cup Finals: Washington Capitals over Vancouver Canucks in 7. Alexander Ovechkin wins his 1st Cup. Again, no way in hell Commissioner Gary Bettman lets a Canadian team win the Cup.

UPDATE: Boy, was I off. The Devils even made the Finals! Alas, I had the eventual champions losing in the 1st round.

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